Bally Launched Titanic Pokie Machine

titanic slot logoThroughout the history of humanity there has been several important ships with amazing stories to tell, but perhaps there is one that has no comparison when it comes to fame; The Titanic.

This iconic British steel monster had the opportunity to make a trip from London to New York in only 19 days, sadly the captain’s stubbornness and an iceberg stood on the way of that achievement. Out of this story there have been lots of documentaries and movies; the most famous one is the love story movie by James Cameron.

This movie was a complete success, not only because the billionaire box-office earnings but it develop into something more for the audience, the media and the academy. It won 11 Oscars, including best director, best movie, soundtrack and being the most successful movie in the history of this prestigious award.

Bally Technologies chose this movie to make a fantastic two way pokie machine, the physical pokie released in Las Vegas at the end of last year and the online version being released really soon.

This instant classic needed a good company to make a game that really grabs all of the essence of the Love Story without taking away the typical components of a good pokie. Bally Technologies, with a proven experience in both fields, did a fantastic job with the physical version and we can’t wait to see the online version.

What We Love

First and foremost, the choice is one of the most accurate decisions ever, which a huge fan base and a huge know-how there aren’t many things that can go wrong in a title of these dimensions. The previous experience with the physical pokie leads us to think that the online version will be a lot better.

In the physical version there are several things that we can assume it will rest the same for this online version, my personal favorite is the fact that you’re allow to enjoy two clips of the movie while you are in the middle of the game.

titanic slot screenshot big

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Bringing the experience a lot closer to the fan. You can witness the scene of the movie where Jack draws Rose naked, a fundamental piece of their love story puzzle. Also the most iconic scene of the movie: Jack and Rose at the end of the ship with the soundtrack My Heart Will Go on in the back.

The special feature I liked the most is the Mystery Round, here you can choose, depending on your betting amount, the special ticket you will purchase and the class you will be in. The higher the class the possibilities of earnings are higher, but also the stakes. Is one of those questions that we as gamblers love from a game.

What We Don’t Love

It lacks interaction with the player, there are several things they can improve in the online version. But the trends worldwide are saying the players want more interactions with the games and this was a good opportunity to do so. But it’s a solid game, perhaps in the online version they surprise us with another interactive feature.

Worth Playing?

Without a doubt, this is a franchise that knows how to sell and Bally Technologies has what it takes to take it to the next level. A billion dollar box office movie meets an industry giant, is a match made in heaven. Of course, the anxiety to see Titanic in the gambling world may play against Bally Technologies, but they have proven they can handle it.

A good game full of free spins and excellent feature. A fantastic game to start in this world or if you’re a fan of the franchise. Enjoy it!

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