Barcrest Launched Cash Stax Pokie Machine


Cash cash-stax-slot-logoStax is a new online pokies game, developed by Barcrest. The game is very similar to their successful title Action Bank. It is another title to Barcrest’s library of online pokies but does it deserve a place. The game seems a bit dull. To put it blunt, it is an ugly game. In brick and mortar casinos, pokies can feed of the atmosphere and ambient energy of the establishment. Online, a pokies game has to create its own feeling, which Cash Stax does not do.

Barcrest, are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Scientific Games Corporation, a massive company based in Nevada. Their claim to fame is the introduction of the first secure, instant lottery ticket in 1974. Barcrest develops pokies machines for a predominantly U.K and European market. Their games are renowned for having generous RTPs. It is not uncommon for them, to churn out a dull game. These are one man’s opinions and he would encourage you to have your own and even disagree. But he thinks, the company produces mediocre games, perhaps a bit more often than they should.

What we like

The game is not an entire loss. It offers very generous player pay back percentages, and if that is what a player is looking for then they will enjoy this game. But there are lots of online pokies which offer the same or better pay back, while looking good and engaging the player. There is a bonus spins feature, which is also not a complete shambles. The bouncing golden rings animation, looks like it belongs on a Nokia 3210, but the game gives out a lot of free spins and who can complain about that.

The game accommodates high rollers, which is a nice feature. Big bets are common on Barcrest’s slots. They lock a players’ bet in, committing them to a certain amount of spins. The specifics for this game, are that a player can stake 10 or 20 credits on 5 spins.

During these spins, the amount of winning lines increases to 30 in the games and the RTP goes up to 98.14%. It is a two sided coin. On one hand, the player is staking more on a win and could lose it all. On the other, the odds of winning have increased. The great thing about statistics is that, although there is a fifty, fifty chance that when flipping a coin it will land on heads or tails. A coin could be flipped a hundred times and show heads every time.


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What we do not like

The background is a static black fly screen/mesh and it lacks colour and animation. The layout is dated and old. This online pokies game looks like it belongs in another decade. Players have come to expect computer generated wow factor from their online slots, things need to move and sparkle.

Should you play this game?

To summarise, this game is not bad, it is just a bit dull. Some would argue that it is simplistic, and it is. But simple can still be aesthetically pleasing and offer some nice bonus features. What Barcrest have done with this slot is tried to appeal to the most primal urges of a gambler.

We are not motivated purely by high RTPs and increasing winning lines and an abundance of free spins. These are nice features but they are not enough to make a great game. This is an ok game, which plays as advertised.

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