Bikini Party Pokie Review

bikini-party-slot-logoAre you the kind of person who loves summer and enjoys drinking a cold ice tea or a beer under the sun, with the sound of the sea entertaining your ears? Do you love sunny days and play sports on the sand? Well, Microgaming developed this awesome online pokie machine called Bikini Party.

Five beautiful ladies in bikinis will be the ones that guide to you to the 243 ways to win in this awesome and well-designed game. With certain bonuses and special features, Bikini Party is for sure a pokie machine that you definitely have to try.


Microgaming Software Systems Lts is the responsible of the creation of this game. This company was founded 20 years ago; they are one of the leaders in the online gambling industry. With two decades of experience and a good reputation in the art of developing, Microgaming provides us a really good game with a perfect layout, great designs and an original way of seeing the beach while you are playing a pokie game.

How to Play It

Bikini Party is a very original game as you can witness with the design of the main screen and the layout, but it is really easy to play it and be wrapped in a sunny day atmosphere. Basically, you’ll find the status of your balance in the main screen at the bottom, so as the option to set the bet, the autoplay button and the regular spin button. Not complicated at all.

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Special Features

Besides the sun, the ladies in bikinis and the idea that you’re really living a hot summer day, Bikini Party includes some special features that make this game enjoyable.

The first feature that I found pleasant was the free-spins bonus mode. Probably you’re a player that loves having a lot of free chances and opportunities because you are in the mood for some luck or just because you’re a risky player. Bikini Party provides the opportunity of playing more and having more fun without spending our money. The beach ball image represents the Scatter Symbols. When you got 2 or more beach balls, your pay will be from 2.50 to 250.00. If you got three or more beach balls, the Bonus Game will be activated.

Another way of increase your chances of winning is the final, and more important, feature that I wanted to mention, which is the wild symbol. The Bikini Part Logo (in this case, the Wild Symbol) can be used to complete a match and, finally, take you to the victory. If you are a fan of Microgaming you will find this cool feature in other games. Is like they say, if it works you should keep using it.

Maximum Payout

Bikini Party provides you a maximum jackpot of 8,000 coins. The girl with the red bikini pays the equivalent cash prize of the amount gambled as bet. Remember that you have 243 ways to win and a lot of chances with the features that I said before for winning these 8,000 coins and prove your luck!


Microgaming, a company with experience and leadership in the industry of gaming, definitely develops a game that combine a lot of ways to win with the classic scheme of a pokie machine but also with a really funny, colorful and even sexy theme.

Furthermore, this game provides a set of prizes and, remembers, 243 ways to win. Microgaming brings players a beach trip with sexy ladies and a lot of ways of winning, having fun and earning money. It does not need to have incredible difficult modes or mini games. Check it out!

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