Cash Stampede pokie

cash-stampede-slot-logoThe Cash Stampede video pokie is a game from Nextgen that features a series of animals all around its body. These include elephants and rhinos among many others. These animals are important to the game as they will be the key to providing a player with the best possible payouts. This is thanks to the re-spin feature that can be triggered while playing the game.

This is a video slot that has a design with numerous animals all around its body. These animals will give players some big payouts that will be worthwhile and can give players huge payouts when used properly. This is a huge part of the game that makes it an intriguing option for all game players to try out among the many different options for video pokies that are out there right now.


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How to Play

This is a game that features 243 ways to win and also includes five reels. There are 25 lines for betting that can be used on the game and will cover bets from one cent to two dollars on each, line, thus giving a player a better chance to get a stronger win.

The game has wild symbols that can appear on the third reel. The wild symbol featured here will provide players with access to the Cash Stampede re-spin feature.

Meanwhile, there are a few scatter symbols that can be found around the second, third and fourth reels on the pokie as well. These scatter symbols will give out some big payouts if accessed properly and should be carefully compared based on what they have to offer.

Special Parts

The wild symbol can give players access to the Cash Stampede re-spin feature. This occurs when two like symbols featuring animals are matched with the wild symbol. This will give players a free re-spin where the non-winning symbols will be spun again. New animal symbols can add to the total value of whatever the player wins. In addition, a player can potentially get multiple re-spins by getting more winning symbols on each one; there are no limits for how many re-spins a player can get here.

The scatter symbols are also important in that a player can get eight free spins off of those symbols. These symbols will especially be important as a player who gets the scatter symbols will receive not only eight free spins but also a wild symbol that will be locked in the middle of the third reel. This will add to the player’s chances of getting the Cash Stampede bonus triggered during the game.

This is all accompanied by a special gamble feature that is triggered at the end of each winning spin. This feature will provide players with two or four times the value of a prize when a proper bet is made. The player needs to pick carefully as a wrong choice will cause the player to lose one’s entire prize. This move can be done up to five times off of the same pokie.

Maximum Payout

The possibly payout that a player can get out of this game can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. The big key for a player at this point is to get the wild symbol and scatter symbols to work in this game as these are clearly the most important ones. Players are more likely to get the best possible bonuses off of this game if they can get access to these special symbols.


The Cash Stampede video slot is a game that will give players a real chance to get some big payouts. this is all thanks in part to the ability of the game to offer loads of re-spins and other features to make it all the more exciting. Players should try this game out when looking for a way to make the most money.

Where to Play

The Cash Stampede video slot can be played at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are two casinos that currently offer a number of big ways for players to get the most money through video slots and other special games. These two casinos also have some special offers that include a $200 welcome bonus and ten free spins for players to go after within the game.

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