Enjoy the Late Night Show With Live Jazz Slot

live-jazzDo not be too downbeat over the fact jazz simply is not your favorite kind of music, Live Jazz will surely appeal to all of your senses.

Genesis Gaming have put up a commendable slot filled with cutting-edge graphics, engaging soundtrack which is sure to get you going and boost your morale, while several key features in this game are really worth your time, and money for that matter.

Free Spins, up to 5 extra Wild symbols and both-ways payouts seems like a lot, don’t they?

What We Love

Jazz Live has been a pleasant surprise, we must say. Genesis Gaming has created a game that boasts fairly similar playing system like their another brand new game called Arizona Treasure, but there is an exciting twist to it all with great graphics and engaging music.

We haven’t been big jazz lovers before we encountered the Live Jazz video slot, but we get it now as we do realise that this particular brand of music has the ability to touch your soul. Every time you hit the sin button, the exciting soundtrack will start rolling in the background making you want to sin it constantly in order to catch that tune.

live jazz slot screenshot big

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There are so many aspects to love about this game, and not all of those have to do with a subject of the game. Live Jazz is offering a great option to double and even triple your winnings, however, small and negligent they might be.

Gamble feature revolved around picking one of three/four cards depending on whether you are doubling r tripling it.

Three Scatters on the reels will grant you a free ride, actually 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins depending on the bar you pick at the beginning of the Live Jazz Free Spins Feature. It is not all as you will be taken to another new screen to choose the number of (up to 5) extra Wild symbols which make your winning potential significantly greater.

Special features are presented in a visually brilliant way with the game taking you to all sorts of different screens, which has a great effect on the game’s dynamics.

What We Do Not Like

One of the things that pop onto our brain is the game’s affordability. It boasts plenty of bet ranges and values, but seeing that it can be played for as much as $200 per spin got us slightly worried.

Another thing that we would have liked to have in it is a multiplier here or there as we do believe they would have done wonders for the game in terms of making it even more appealing to all kinds of musical preferences.

Worth Playing?

Definitely. Live Jazz boasts great music and enticing visuals, and has the ability to take you out of your comfy chair and out of your comfort zone for a late-night roam around the night club. The trip will be well worth it as you can secure bumper payouts while having great fun and enjoying fantastic music as well.

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