Freaky Wild West Pokie Review

freaky-wild-westFreaky Wild West is a Western-themed vistual pokie machine developed by GamesOS. The visual style of this game is firmly planted in GamesOS’ Freaky series, with rudimentary 3D graphics, silly characters, and gaudy colors. The overall theme is the Old West of the United States, following three archetypes for their characters: Indians, Cowboys, and Bandits.

This is not the first western themed game in the Freaky series, having been preceded by Freaky Bandits and Freaky Cowboys. Many of the designs in Freaky Wild West do seem to be lifted from those two previous titles, but then again, the Freaky series overall is very consistent visually across its titles, with the same style present in all offerings.


GamesOS is a developer of both turnkey and white label solutions for online casinos. Turnkey solutions refer to complete packages of software that allow casino operators to set up shop immediately. These packages include games and management software, along with other services.

White label refers to the creation of “unbranded” products, to be “re-labeled” by the marketer or seller. You’ll see this often in store-brand products in grocery stores like Aldi. Probably you have played GamesOS developed software in the past without knowing it.

GamesOS has developed a number of virtual pokie games in the past, notably its silly-looking Freaky series. Titles in that series include Freaky Gym, Freaky Cowboys, Freaky Bandits and Freaky Cars.

How to Play it

Freaky Wild West’s user interface, in general, isn’t all that different from other pokie machine titles. On the bottom of the screen, you have almost all relevant UI elements.

On the bottom left, there’s the auto spin button (with two sub-buttons for set amounts of 5 spins and 10 spins). In the middle, you have settings for line price, betting on one line, and max bet. On the right, there’s the very traditional Spin button. It’s all very familiar and intuitive in this game.

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Special features

One of the most relevant special features is the ability to set the game’s “location”. On the top left of the screen there are three buttons, labelled Indians, Bandits, and Cowboys. These will set the game in an Indian Village, Sheriff’s Town, or Bandit’s Valley, respectively.

Depending on the location you set the game in, you will trigger each location’s special minigame. Two of the games, the ones in Indian Village and in Bandit Valley, are selection minigames. In Indian Gold, you must pick three out of 5 pots, to uncover the gold. In Safe Crackers, you have to use dynamite to blow up five out of nine safes to uncover their treasure.

The third minigame is perhaps the most interesting one, Shoot for the Loot. It’s a gallery shooter minigame, where you have 15 bullets with which to shoot at bandits. Great fun. All minigames are triggered by landing the appropriate combinations.

This game has no wild symbols, it should be noted. However, it does have scatter symbols, to let players enjoy free spin rounds.

Maximum payouts

Unlike other games in the Freaky series, Freaky Wild West is tied to a progressive jackpot. Hit a combination of five bankers, and you can win up to 5000x your line bet. You have to put in the max bet to opt in, though.


This game’s visual style is dowright annoying, like most Freaky games. I’m sure some people must like that style, but I’m not one of them.

Despite it’s cheap-looking cartoonish visuals, Freaky Wild West offers a nice overall gameplay, with the versatility of its three minigames. Add to that its progressive jackpot, and you have a very solid game, once you get past its garish looks.

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