Games OS Launched Freaky Wild West Pokie Machine

freaky-wild-westGames OS brings us a new installment in its Freaky series: Freaky Wild West. This isn’t the first game to feature the chirpy characters of indeterminate shape in a western setting, having been preceded by Freaky Bandits and Freaky Cowboys. It does seem to borrow plenty of designs from its predecessors, but that’s hardly surprising.

As those of you familiar with the Freaky series might expect, Freaky Wild West isn’t really the sort of game that will dazzle you with great graphics. As a matter of fact, they seem very evocative of 3D design from the nineties, and that’s not meant to be a compliment, in any way.

Fortunately, some very interesting features revolving around three different minigames and great prospective payouts save this gaudy spectacle from being cast away into irrelevance. Do not judge a book by its cover is an appropriate saying here.

GamesOS is a developer of good standing, that provide both turnkey and white label solutions for casino operators. White label is a term most often encountered in the grocery store business, actually.

You know those store brand products you often buy at a discount? Those aren’t made by the stores, but are made by manufacturers who sell them with “white labels”, so that marketers (final sellers, i.e.: your grocery store) can re-label them as a “house brand”. This means that GamesOS serves as a 3rd party developer, so may have played on a GamesOS developed game without even knowing it.

What We Love

The one thing we like the most about this game is the fact that you can set its “location”. This, beyond cosmetics, has some important gameplay repercussions. You change the setting through three buttons on the top left of the screen.

Those buttons are marked: “Indians”, “Bandits”, and “Cowboys”. Each button will set the action in Indian Village, Bandit Valley, or Sheriff’s Town, respectively. Depending on the location, you will be able to trigger a special minigame by landing the right combinations. In Indian Village, the minigame is Indian Gold; in this game you have to pick 3 out of 5 pots in order to uncover the gold.

Freaky Wild West slot screen big

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In Bandit Valley you play another selection minigame, Crack the Safes; here you have the pick 5 out of 9 safes to get to the riches inside of them. Sheriff’s Town has the best minigame, in my humble opinion, Shoot for the Loot; here you are given 15 bullets to shoot at bandits to earn your reward.

We also love the fact that this game has access to a progressive jackpot, which can net you up to 5000x your line bet. This is triggered by landing five banker symbols on a line.

What We Do Not Love

Our main turn off here is the grating visual style, common to all “Freaky” titles from GamesOs. Some people may call it whimsical and fun, but I think it just looks ridiculous and cheap. It’s like a misguided attempt at a children’s cartoon using high-tech 3D graphics from 1997. Luckily, it’s just the package which we really object to here.

There is one very minor complaint we have regarding the actual gameplay, which is the lack of wild symbols. We feel that the flexibility in minigames and the progressive jackpot somewhat makes up for it, but we’d still have preferred to have been able to enjoy wilds in Freaky Wild West.

Worth Playing?

Despite having a title worthy of porn parody and 3d graphics from the early Netscape era, Freaky Wild West is a great game, definitely worth a shot. Its minigames are interesting, and its progressive jackpot is a fantastic incentive to keep on playing. A must, if you can get past its packaging.

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