Genesis Launched Great Escape Artist Pokie

the-great-escape-artist-slot-logoGenesis Gaming was inspired by the classic escape artists of the early twentieth century when it created the Great Escape Artist pokie. This is a poker machine that has a 5×4 body with some escape artists all over the place. They are found in their underwater pods with their straitjackets on while being chained.

These pods will appear all around the screen and will be used as wild symbols. They especially play a big role in the pokie’s bonus round. All pokie fans will love to play here but the best part is that the wild symbols here will come about so randomly that there are often times where two or more of the reels on this game will come about after a while depending on how exciting the game can be run.

About the Game

The Great Escape Artist pokie is a game that features fifty lines that will pay out. These lines can be bet on with a good arrangement of bets from one cent to two dollars on each line. The player can also adjust the number of lines to be used but players will need to get all fifty lines going if they’re likely to win something big.

The game has many classic symbols and some specialty symbols featuring devils and fortune tellers among others. The wild symbol, which features the escape pod and the magician, are especially important. These can cover all four symbols on a reel in some cases although two or three symbols can be wild together depending on where the pod is placed on the screen.

A few of the symbols will pay out with just two symbols on the screen from left to right starting at the first reel. However, these symbols do not appear often; this is part of why only a few of these symbols will actually pay out when just two of them actually appear here. This still makes for an entertaining game that is thrilling and fun to get into.


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Special Parts

The most important special part of the game is the bonus symbol feature. A player can get ten free spins by getting three bonus symbols on the screen.

This feature is paired with a stacked wild feature. This is where every instance of the wild symbol on this screen will cause the entire reel to be wild. This can be used on as many reels as needed.

How it Compares

The Great Escape pokie uses a good organization that is different from other slots in that it focuses more on offering an extended number of wild features that are capable of being stronger. This in turn ensures that the game will be rather exciting and unique for players to find.

Where to Play

The Great Escape Artist pokie can be found at the Jackpot Paradise casino. This casino has a setup that features an assortment of poker machines and other classic games. This site also has some bonus features like up to $200 in free money from a first deposit or ten free spins that can come about within the game.


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