Get Back In Time With Silent Movie Video Pokie By IGT

silent-movie-slot-logoWith action taking place inside of an old theater, Silent Movie is an old-fashion style kind of a game, presented predominantly in black and white with exception of a couple of details which put an extra twist in this fantastic pokie. You will get a complete feel of the 1920s and those innocent times when movies were nothing like blockbusters we watch today.

This 5-reel, 30-payline game is packed with rewarding features, fantastic gameplay and brilliantly fitting audio effects and we are sure that Silent Movie will be one of the favourite games this summer.

What We Love

We love the originality of the theme. IGT dared to abandon the colourful pattern in order to create black and white and gray presentation that may come as a huge surprise once you load the screen, but the surprise will become the most positive one once you’ve hit that Spin button.

Impeccable graphics, engaging music and fantastic design have had us buzzing from the start, but we were completely flabbergasted once we got a feel of the game’s numerous rewarding features.

Silent Movie boasts a 4-way Bonus Round of Free Spins with based on four classic movies from the old times. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, A trip to the Moon, A Muddy Romance and Keystone Kops will all take you through different scenarios to give you free spins, win multipliers, Wilds and Scatters that will increase your winning potential.

The Silent Movie video pokie by IGT is more than what we expected and we are sure most of you gamers out there would love to try it.

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What We Do Not Like

Talking from a personal perspective, we have to be honest there are not many things we don’t like about this game.

However, there are some aspects of the video pokie that need to be addressed and we will start from the colouring. Not everybody is keen on black and white scenario and this sensory deprived title could have been spiced with more colour than it already is.

Main talking point of this game however is the dynamics. Base game can be pretty uninspiring and with Bonus Round not that easy to get, Silent Movie could take you through endless spins without desired results.

Another main issue is game’s affordability. It is an expensive game as the starting point for Silent Movie is $30 which can be a tad too much for many gamers that are just looking for fun they can afford. The top bet of the game is $3,000 and it is fair to say Silent Movie is high-rollers’ choice.

Worth Playing?

If you can afford it – play it and you won’t regret it. Silent Movie is a highly exciting game with plenty of rewarding features – free spins, win multipliers, Wilds and Scatters that will get you going all they long.

There are a couple of shortcomings to this game, it being somewhat too expensive being the most important one, but if you have enough money to spend on games this is the one you have to try.

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