Game Theme

guns-n-roses-slot-logoNetent has partnered with Guns N Roses to create a brand new pokie based on the band and its music. The Guns N Roses poker machine has many symbols and emblems that relate to this famous band. The excitement of the band is clearly going to be felt by anyone who hears their music.

The biggest part of the Guns N Roses video pokie is that it is a game that stays true to the GNR theme. This goes all out in terms of highlighting some of the many great features of the band and the music that it has made famous over all these years. Every part of the game has something relating to GNR, a point that cannot be easily made about other pokies that have different themes based on other bands or famous people. Of course, this game has been approved by the band and the record labels that it has been associated with over the years.

The game’s features include many symbols that highlight guitars, speakers, drums and other symbols relating to the band. Even the color scheme on this game is reflective of the band’s logo and other iconic emblems that the group has held over the years. This has an enthusiastic and thrilling look that makes this game one that stands out among the world of pokies.

How to Play

The game has five reels of action and several betting options that can be adjusted at the bottom part of the screen. Players should be careful when adjusting their betting totals so they can use bets that they know will be worthwhile and can get a little something extra. This is certainly going to be an entertaining game but only if the player knows what one is doing when trying to get a good bet going here.

The game has a good number of special symbols around the place including the wild and bonus symbols. These can appear all around the screen although they do tend to appear near the end parts of the screen on most occasions. There are times when a player can get five of either of these symbols to appear though.

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Special Parts

The free spins that can be found on this pokie are great to check out. This game has bonuses with free spins for every time a player gets three or more wild symbols on a spin. The total payouts that will come out of the game will vary. It’s easier to get more of these free spins if the player can get more than three free spins off of the game.

The free spin can also come with multipliers that will appear at random.  These multipliers are easier to find when the player gets a series of wild symbols around the place.

Maximum Payout

Netent has not released data on how valuable the highest payouts on this pokie are. However, it is clear from some of the lines that can be found and the values of the symbols that a player can possibly get tens of thousands of coins on this slot just off of one spin. Players will need to be lucky and get plenty of wild symbols just like what they would need out of other slots. The fact that this game offers so many ways for people to win something big makes this a fun site for all players to visit.


The Guns N Roses pokie is a game that certainly has plenty of GNR-related featured all around it. It is as exciting and intense as the band itself and offers a good payout setup that will give players a great shot at winning some huge totals. This game deserves to be tried out when looking for something fun to win big on.

Where to Play

The Guns N Roses pokie is at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are two casinos that have a number of popular poker machines and other classic casino games alike. These are both places that have some special bonuses as well. Both casinos offer up to $200 in free money to use on each casino after an initial deposit. Players will also get ten free spins available on select poker machines that are all around these places.

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