Incinerator Pokie Review

fantasini-master-of-mystery-slot-logoThe game begins with a short film that lets you hint what it is based on, when you play this title you enter a futuristic world where productivity and commerce are at their highest, but as we all now, there can be no consumption without waste, and your job will be to make it all disappear using, you guessed it, an incinerator.

All of the symbols in the reels are new and original, you will not find one of the regular cards used in most pokies, the animations are very cool and not that predictable, in this game there is always something going on, Yggdrasil, the developer, really went the extra mile with the design of this game.


As mentioned before this game was developed by Yggdrasil. Fredrik Elmqvist, former CEO of Net Entertainment decided to found this very young company in 2013. he used the experience he got working with one of the biggest companies in the industry to develop some very interesting and attractive pokie machines. with great and creative features, if you are new to their products Incinerator will be a very good first taste, since it combines all the elements that make their titles very good.

How to play it

The classic spin button is located right on the center of the bottom of the screen, you cna place your bets on the bottom left side of the display. You can set the value of the coins, with a maximum value of $2 to make up for the fact that the amount of lines cannot be modified, it is fixed at 20.

There are not more ways for you to interact with the game other than spinning it and setting the value of your bet, but the special features it contains will compensate for the repetitiveness of the gameplay, not to mention the cool looking animations.

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Special Features

Yggdrasil Gaming decided to drop the usual scatter symbols and free spin rounds, but the game does not seem to miss them too much. The original idea they introduced in this game was one that fits perfectly within the Theme.

Every time you get a combination on the reels, the symbols that you used will be incinerated into oblivion, this happens with an awesome animation that you will learn to love, since it means that new symbols will appear on the reels, this new symbols could be combined with the ones that are left after the incineration process, giving you the chance to obtain new combinations that in turn will also be incinerated, this process will repeat itself until you have no possible combinations on the reels.

Burning the symbols you used is very cool on its own but you will also get to use the popular wild symbols, which can be used to complete a combination you needed or to make one you already had even better. Every time you get three consecutive wins, the game will add a bunch of wilds so you can get even larger wins.

Maximum Payouts

Even with all the bonuses and special features provided by the game,having a fix limit of lines will make the profit margin a bit small, you might find yourself not getting good enough combos, but if you do you can get a jackpot of 6,000 coins.


For me pokies machines are all about the special features and the design, if you think the same way as I do you will enjoy playing Incinerator. It is available for free try outs online, check it of you are searching for a cool looking pokie machine with a couple of fresh ideas.

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