Neopolis Pokie Machine

neopolis-slot-logoThe classic appearance of the future form the 1950s featured plenty of aliens, robots, tall buildings, flying cars and attractive women. That view of the future is prevalent today in the Neopolis poker machine. This is a pokie from Nextgen Gaming that offers some good payout features and will especially give out more to those who get into the bonus round.

The game’s symbols themselves feature standard fruit and diamond symbols with the diamonds being worth the most. However, the futuristic looks on the bonus games will certainly entertain players as well as give out some of the biggest payouts that this game has to offer. The game’s assortment of features adds plenty of excitement as there is no telling where a player can get onto while playing this game.

How to Play

This game uses 25 lines around five reels and comes with a series of special symbols that go around the traditional pokie symbols scattered around the place. The wild symbol appears all around the screen but it is easier to find it around the end parts of the game.

The free spin symbol will also appear around the place with three or more of them giving out ten free spins. These are paired with stacked wilds.

This all comes with a variety of betting options. Players can bet on all 25 lines and can adjust the coin values as desired at the bottom of the screen. There is a chance for players to bet less than a dollar on a single spin within this game if desired.

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Bonus Parts

The key part of this game comes from the assortment of bonus games. The Neopolis pokie comes with four different bonus games that players can win big off of. A player can win through a matching game that offers a series of boxes that the player can choose from. The goal is to get as many matching pairs on the screen as possible while getting the highest possible totals out here.

The game also has a shuffle bonus game. The prizes in boxes are revealed and then covered up as they are shuffled around the place. The player must then try to get the right hidden symbol revealed to get a larger payout.

Elsewhere, the game has a hide-and-city feature that takes place in a large futuristic city. A player can get some big totals based on where they search for their prizes in.

Another feature of the game comes from a roulette wheel that appears. This will spin around a series of payouts and will land on one that will be given out to the player. This can add to the best possible totals that one could ever go after on this game.

Maximum Payouts

Nextgen has not been all that specific in terms of how much money the maximum payout on this game is. However, it is believed that a player can possibly win tens of thousands of coins off of the game based on the bets that are placed and the value of the different payouts that can be found within this game. this makes for an exciting choice that all players will want to look out for when finding good casino games to play with.


The Neopolis pokie is a game from Nextgen that has a good assortment of ways for players to win. The game’s arrangement of symbols features plenty of big ways for players to win, thus giving them some of the best chances that anyone could ever have to win something huge. The game’s setup makes for a real challenge that is fun in its own right and will give any player something that one can really look out for.

Where to Play

The Neopolis pokie can be found at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise online casinos. These two casinos have not only an assortment of poker machines and other classic games but also a series of different special bonuses. A player who makes a first deposit on this site can get up to $200 in free money at the casino as well as ten free spins that can be used all around the place. Be sure to consider these particular casinos when looking for something fun to check out.

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