Netent Launched Fantasini: Master of Mystery Pokie Machine

fantasini-master-of-mystery-slot-logoIf you are a fan of magic this game will be a pleasure to play, it’s theme is best represented by the main character, Fantasini: Master of Mystery will remind of the first modern magicians, who used smoke, mirrors and other simple elements to blow the minds of their generation.

Before technology became the protagonist of the magic industry, the creativity of the performers determined the quality of the acts, escapism was one of the most popular activities these magicians specialized on and the Net Entertainment knows that since they used chains and shackles as elements you will see as symbols on the reels, but not only that, the one new feature they designed for this game was Linked Reels, which uses chains for the animation of said feature on every spin.

What We Love

There are very cool things about this game, the one I liked the most was the Linked Reels, the special feature allows you to roll two identical reels on every single spin, increasing the opportunities you have of getting a good combination. The animation you see on the screen at the beginning of every spin is really cool, chains will magically appear and trap the two reels the game randomly selects.

Fantasini is a big part of the game and not only because he is the protagonist, he appears on the reels alongside his pretty assistant, and you will enjoy every time he does, since he uses his magic to become a Wild card you can use to get that short combination you were aiming for or to improve one you already had in a way you did not expect, when Fantasini becomes a multiplier you really get into magic.

Another thing I liked was the 243 ways to win, which replaces the regular win lines, this feature increases the chances of a good combination since you only need to have three identical symbols on consecutive reels to get a combination, if you get more than that the game uses every extra symbol a 1x multiplier that is equal to the amount of extra symbols after 3.


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What we Don’t Love

The game uses regular 9, 10, J, Q, K cards, I always enjoy when developers give a little extra and fill the reels with original images. When a game uses animated symbols I get to enjoy it more, and in Fantasini: Master of Mystery the only animated symbol is the one of the protagonist, which is used as a wild card.

Worth playing?

This game is definitely worth playing, being a fan of fresh ideas myself I got to enjoy the Linked Reels a lot, when combining it with the magical appearances of Fantasini, playing this title becomes very gratifying. Besides the Linked Reel’s animation, there aren’t many others to enjoy, but the game makes up for it with it’s three special features that complement each other perfectly.

Having a theme as fun as the one presented in Fantasini: Master of Mystery is really amusing, I just happen to be very fond of all things related to magic, specially the old school type, being Houdini an iconic figure all over the world one appreciates all the little references to him this game offers.

Even if you are not a big fan of magic, you should try out the new things this game has to offer, and you can even play for free, check it out and see if you enjoy it as much as I did.

Net Entertainment is the Electronic Arts of video pokies, with hundreds of popular games, they very rarely release bad game and this title is another excellent demonstration of the quality of their products.

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