NextGen Launched Neopolis Pokie Machine

neopolis-slot-logoThe Neopolis pokie is a game from Nextgen Gaming that features a large assortment of different bonuses that will come around at random on this game. This has a good design that comes with a classic look at the future. The game’s arrangement makes this a fun choice that is unique and has more than enough ways for players to try and get only the best possible payouts.

About the Game

This is a five-reel game that has classic symbols all around while also offering some big totals that feature hundreds or even thousands of coins depending on what shows. Like with other games, a player needs to get enough matching symbols on a line from left to right in order to win.

This game also has some symbols that offer wild features. There are also a few free spin symbols that will appear around the screen and can give players ten free spins if three or more of them are featured. These will come with stacked wilds as well.

The most important part of this poker machine comes from the special bonuses that come about. A player needs to get three bonus symbols to get into one of the four special bonus games.

Bonus Games

There are four bonus games that appear on the Neopoils pokie at random after getting enough bonus symbols. First, there is a game that requires players to pick enough matching symbols on the screen in order to get a better payout. The key is to get as many matching symbols on the game as possible.

There is also a special shuffle game where payouts are revealed and then shuffled at random. The player will have to try and choose the right symbol that is hiding at this point.

There is also a roulette-style bonus wheel game that will appear at random. A player can also get into a hide-and-seek game that takes place in a large cityscape.


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How This Compares

This can be compared with some other pokies like the Koi Princess game in that it too has an assortment of random bonus features and games. The addition of the free spins on the Neopolis slot especially make a fun game for those who want to try their luck at winning the most money off of a game. The choices that players have to go after when getting some big bonuses make this a good choice that players will love to try and reach while trying to get some good totals.

Where to Play

The Neopolis poker machine can be played at the Jackpot Paradise casino. This place has this game and many others from some of the world’s top casino game companies. In addition to a selection of pokies, the game also has some classic casino games and some video poker choices as well. The casino also has a series of special bonuses including a welcome bonus of up to $200 in matching payouts on a first deposit. A player can even get ten free spins to use on many pokies at this place.

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