Novomatic Launched Fruit Farm Pokie Machine

fruit farm logoThere are many times when you’re going to try a game and the name isn’t the most accurate or it doesn’t gives a lot of what is the game about, well in this game there isn’t anything left to your imagination. In Fruit Farm you’ll get exactly what you are asking for. Is based in a farm and it has lots of fruits (I know, you didn’t see that coming). Besides the obvious title you could say it is a online pokie machine game.

This (not) breathtaking scenario that Novomatic has made it has been used a lot in the industry is not the first and sadly it doesn’t seem to be the last time a company uses this plot to make a game out of it. This 5 reel 20 payline game has the common symbols 9, 10, J, Q, and K combined with the cows, the strawberries, grapes, pigs, tractors and chickens.

A game designed to be easy on the eyes but also in terms of how to play it, a clear intention to lure players from a classic point of view, perhaps some newcomers to introduce them to the world of pokie machines.

What We Love

There is something that every game must have and we just adore it; free spins. Novomatic knows this very well, and in this title is very easy to gain free spins. This is one of the common points that all players agree on and it is kind of disappointing whenever a company doesn’t include them in their repertoire of features.

Even though there aren’t any progressive jackpots the primary intention of this game, which is to earn money, remains intact in this title. You could get up 9000 times your bet with a massive jackpot. And we love to make money.

fruit farm slot screenshot big

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What We Don’t Love

Let’s forget for a minute that this is an overused theme with an obvious lack of originality and make an objectif evaluation of the layout as a whole. It has solid points, such as the farmer but the colours are deficient and the symbols aren’t well designed. In my opinion, this doesn’t seem a Novomatic game. They have been extremely condescendent in the way the made this game, like the details aren’t that important.

The concept, in terms of how to play it, is easiness but they forgot the interaction with the player. There are many adrenaline-junkies out there trying to enter in this world of betting and pokies and a game like this would absolutely bore them. There isn’t anything else to do except pushing a button, for many players out there this doesn’t cut it.

Worth Playing?

In every business the idea that developers must pursue in order to gain market share or simply to survive is to differentiate themselves from the competition and i don’t think there aren’t any special thing in this game. Novomatic is a huge company with lots of incredible games and I think this game doesn’t define them.

There are basically two types of pokie machine players; the classic and the adrenaline-junkie. There has always been adrenaline in pokies, ever since there were a physical and stationary device in casinos. But, the trends shows that a new generation of players are taking it one step further and they’re demanding more interaction and entertainment. The pokies have evolved to a lot more than just spin the reels.

If you’re a classic gamer, this game was thought with you in mind. The problem is that it has a sloppy design and the free spins feature is in every game out there,  unless you’re a newbie this game is not for you.

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