Online Gambling Sites Woo Customers with Bonus Offers

In this age of the World Wide Web, online gambling is fast becoming a popular pastime and a means of earning extra cash. There are so many online casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites to choose from that online gamblers are spoilt for choice. And the competition is so fierce that online gambling venues have to think of new and innovative ways to pursue customers. In the online gambling world, you, the customer are the king – you can choose the best casino or the best sports betting site or poker room depending on what exactly you are looking for. And, bonuses are often the deciding factor while choosing the online casino you would patronize.  Go to and check out recommended sites for the best gambling bonus offers.

Many online betting sites offer free bets or free cash as a bonus just to attract new customers or to persuade existing members back to the gambling tables. Two bets for the price of one, free bets, or bonus vouchers, all these are bonuses to lure more business for the site. Naturally, this is a great way for the players to earn some extra money to play with. So what are these bonuses that you need to look for? Read on to know more…

Welcome Bonus/First Deposit Bonus/Signup Bonus

Almost every online gambling site will offer a bonus to new customers. This is known as welcome bonus or first deposit bonus and is usually a percentage of the first deposit that you make when you open an account. The amount of bonus money matched can range from 100% to a whopping 500%. But there is a catch. You won’t receive your bonus immediately; there will almost always be wagering conditions, meaning you will need to play real money games within a specific period to release your bonus.

No Deposit bonus

As the name suggests, you don’t make a deposit, but this bonus is offered to induce people to register at the online gambling site, usually a casino. It is not as big as a signup bonus, but typically ranges from $5 to $50, depending on the website. Sometimes online sites give free chips to real money players in the hopes of encouraging them to place more bets and in turn generate more business.

Reload Bonus

This is a bonus generally offered at online casinos. When you reload or fund your account each time, you are given a bonus. The bonus may be in the form of cash or bonus points but in either case, your bankroll improves that much more.

Refer a Friend Bonus/Referral Bonus

You’ll notice this bonus at all the online gambling websites, be it a casino, poker room or sports betting portal. You refer a friend to the website you play at and earn some extra cash for doing so. You get a bonus, (usually it is about $50) and the friend also gets some cash while the website gets a customer, so everyone is happy.

Daily Bonuses

There are peak traffic times and non-peak traffic hours at any online gambling site. Some online gambling sites offer bonuses for playing at the non-peak traffic hours so that they don’t lose out on revenue. As a player, you get that extra cash when you play during the specified timings although you may not find them convenient enough.

Bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll and enjoy online gambling that much more. However, one point to bear in mind is the wagering conditions. Make sure to read the fine print so that you understand the bonus rules. The bigger the bonus, more the wagering conditions – which may sometimes be unrealistic and hard to achieve. To understand the whole concept of bonuses and bonus codes, visit and make an informed choice of the best bonus offers on the net.