Playtech Launched Age of the Gods Pokie Machine

age of gods slot logoAge of the Gods is one of the several games Playtech announced to be launching this year. The company released a promotional video featuring small previews for each of the 5 upcoming titles. Ace Ventura: The Pet Detective, The Flintstones, Top Gun, Tiki Paradise and finally Age of the Gods were the games showed in said promotional video, however Age of the Gods is the one that stood out the most, thus it is rumored this title will fill the audience’s void after having lost the property of Marvel’s video pokie machines.

Playtech is a developer company with almost 17 years of experience that have filled a portfolio with amazing and entertaining online pokie machines. Their specialty of making beautiful games with such a fun playability have placed a lot of these at the top of the market.
Even though Playtech’s pokie machines inspired by Marvel’s Universe are no longer available, this Greek mythological theme seems quite exciting.

Apparently, Age of the Gods will have a series of up to seven different pokie machines to keep the audience entertained.
Age of the Gods will be based on a traditional 5 x 3 grid set up with 25 different and unique pay-lines to help you make the most out of all the combinations available.

The layout shows an ancient battle field in the background, and the colorful grid upon it, decorated with the main characters of the Olympus, such as Poseidon, Athena, Hercules and Zeus himself, with other Greek elements like the Lira and the folkloric winged white horse, the Pegasus.

What We Love

As it is always expected from Playtech, the visual design and aesthetics present in this game are marvelous. From the color selection to the animations of the spins, the graphics are spotless, which gives us a fresh breath of air, since the most recent and common virtual pokie machines in the market have been tacky, outrageous and full of bad designed cartoonish characters.

There is not much to be known about Age of the Gods, since the only information announced by the Playtech was featured in the small snippets we all got to see in the promotional video.

age of gods slot screen big

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However, we were able to spot something interesting about it. If you manage to combine three or more Age of the Gods’ symbols you will be rewarded with a certain amount of free spins.

During the free spin bonus rounds a minigame will be triggered. In here you will be asked to choose three out of thirty coins to reveal enormous prizes. This feature elevates your opportunities to get huge godsend profits.

What We Do Not Like

Besides not liking the fact there is almost none information to be known yet about this upcoming title, we could not say much about the features we dislike, since there are none to talk about.

The little information announced by Playtech in the promotional video showed us only good features with a beautiful façade. We will talk more in depth about it as soon as we can get our hands on the actual pokie machine.

Worth Playing It?

Since we do not have much about Age of the Gods, we cannot say for sure if this game is worth investing in. However, Playtech have built a trust so strong in their players, that we are all hoping this one will be one of the greatest pokie machines, as always.

The short preview we saw was just enough to give us a little taste from the new releases, and they all seem amazing. Also, if you have an interest for the Greek mythology like me, you will be anxiously waiting for this game to be released.

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