Playtech Launched Nostradamus Pokie Machine

nostradamus slot logoPrepare to dive into the mysticism of Nostradamus’ prophetic wisdom with Ash Gaming’s Nostradamus Prophecy, a virtual pokie machine that is all about the sixteenth century French mystic.

Michel de Notre-Dame was an apothecary, sort of like an old pharmacist or chemist, who started to delve into future telling with an almanac. Later on, he wrote one thousand quatrains (small, four-line poems) that he claimed held predictions for the future.

Now, these quatrains are so vague that a wide variety of events can be ascribed to them, so thus willing to believe will claim that Michel has predicted everything from World War I and 9/11, to Obama’s presidency, and even the rise of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

If you are a skeptic, worry not, since this game has plenty to offer. Ash Gaming has done a truly splendid job here. Ash Gaming was founded in 2000, and was purchased by Playtech in 2011. They continue to operate as a separate business, but under the tagline “a Playtech company”. Ash Gmaing has released several notable games, like The Life of Brian, Sinbad’s Golden Voyage, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

What We Love

Nostradamus Prophecy is simply beautiful. The quality of the artwork is amazing. The visuals transport you the study of a sixteenth century mystic-philosopher, with quills and parchment, telescopes, globes, books, and so forth.

A gorgeous castle makes the background, which changes time of day depending on whether it’s a normal spin round, or a free spin round. The music s mesmerizing, including Mars, the Bringer of War from Gustav Holst’s suite The Planets, which plays during the Planets Bonus.

The Planets Bonus is an interesting special feature, triggered by landing Planets scatter symbols. This is a mini game of sorts that will give you multipliers for your bet/wins at random. This plays out by watching the planets of the solar system spin around the sun; if they line up along the Win Line, they’ll grant their bonus.

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Another great feature is the free spin rounds, which feature three special wild symbols. These wilds show up in the center of reel 3 during free spins, and they come in three flavors, all with different effects. First, there’s the earthquake, which will shake the reels and give you fresh new symbols.

Then, there’s lightning, which replaces symbols at random with wilds. Last, there’s tsunami, which replaces a whole reel with a stack of three wilds. These lucky “disasters” feature famous world landmarks: The pyramids and sphynx at Giza, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty, respectively. Cheering at the sight of the statue of liberty being swallowed by a wave is very surreal, let me tell you that.

The last feature is Nostradamus himself and his predictions. In this game, however, the French mystic isn’t vague and mysterious with his prophecies, but rather very direct and unequivocal. He’ll interrupt your game at random during regular spins, and grant you cash prizes or wild symbols.

What We Do Not Like

This game is great, period. However, some things could have made it even better. A larger max payout would have been fantastic, instead of the rather simple and uninspiring 500x it has.

With bets ranging from 0.01 USD to 5 USD, the total jackpot is bound to be kind of small (between five measly USD and 2500 USD).

Worth Playing?

Nostradamus Prophecy is that rare sort of pokie machine that has a great, original theme, backed up by strong and entertaining special features. Despite its relatively low payout, this game is definitely worth trying out.

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