Playtech Launched Tiki Paradise Pokie Machine

tiki paradise slot logoPlaytech has recently announced a new, upcoming game called Tiki Paradise. There’s still a lot we don’t know about it, but the small amount of information we do have definitely makes us interested.

Tiki Paradise is seemingly inspired on Polynesian culture, a somewhat common theme in virtual pokie machines. This game does appear to be a little different than most, though, since the predominant design element here appears to be wood, conferring the game a more sober appearance.

It does have its appropriate touches of color and tropical-looking art, but just enough to evoke the islander notions necessary. Tiki Paradise, fortunately, does appear to escape the traditional gaudy explosion of colorful flowers so prevalent in most Polynesian-inspired pokie machines.

Playtech is one of the world’s largest online casino supplier companies, having started business almost seventeen years ago, back in 1999. They offer all of the software necessary to run an online casino, from the actual games to its proprietary management software, IMS.

Playtech, like most right-minded companies in the industry right now, is working towards tapping fully the diversity of devices from which we access online casinos. A major buzzword in the industry nowadays is “omni-channel”, referring to games accessible from all available platforms, using the same account and wallet. Playtech’s own effort into omni-channel development is called Playtech One, and Tiki Paradise will have access to Playtech One features.

One thing of note is that Playtech filed a trademark application for the term “Tiki Paradise” in October 2015. The EU’s Office for the Harmonization of the Common Market (OAMI, in Spanish) lists the application as opposed, which means that it is being contested. We do not know whether a successful challenge of the application will impact negatively the release of Tiki Paradise.

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What We Love

There isn’t much info out there on Tiki Paradise yet, so we don’t have a good idea of the game’s complete picture. We are, however, excited to see how Playtech One will boost this game’s playability, and we’re eager to see just how good Playtech’s foray into “omni-channel” will play out.

Another aspect of Tiki Paradise that piques our curiosity is its control layout. Normally, Playtech games follow the exact same layout for their controls, along a bar at the bottom of the screen.

The positions and functions of the buttons, settings and display windows are the same, and they only change between games is the look of each button. In Tiki Paradise, the win and balance display windows, the only visible UI elements, have been placed at the top of the screen, while the traditional spin, auto play and Playtech’s Turbo Mode buttons are all missing.

We believe this may be an experimental new control scheme, adapted for touchscreen devices. In that case, that would show the extent of Playtech’s commitment towards change and improvement relating to the idea of “omni-channel” games.

What We do not Like

The fact that Playtech’s trademark application for Tiki Paradise has been opposed makes us worried about the chances of success from this game.

We suspect that a successful challenge of this application, assuming it was made by someone claiming prior use of a similar trademark, could lead to this game being shelfed, or heavily modified (beyond recognition) before release. Since we’re so exited to try out Playtech One, this is cause for concern for us.


There’s not much to be known about Tiki Paradise so far, but what little we’ve seen, why are very interested in trying it out. We’ll need more info and hands on experience to issue a full verdict, though.

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