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Ivanhoe, the pokie, gets its main theme from the popular novel written by Walter Scott, which had the exact same title. The action took place during the 12th century, in the England of the time, and the hero was a member of the nobility from England, a Saxon that went by the name of Wilfred of Ivanhoe.

The novel was published in 1820, but to this day it has remained quite popular, and there were various sequels written for it by others, along with adaptations for films, TV and for theatre.

Though the theme of the game held great promise, I found the actual implementation to be a huge disappointment. Elk Studios went with a classic pokie layout in this case, so you get only three reels and many of the available symbols are the boring ones, the fruits that have been used in pokies since the beginnings of the industry.

The design style doesn’t help it much either, at least in the symbols, while the background I’d call acceptable since it shows a sepia colored image of a tournament.


For the developer of this pokie, we’re looking at a Swedish company, called ELK Studios. They’ve been established in 2012 and they seem to specialize in the creation of mobile games mostly, though obviously they’re just as playable on desktop PCs.

They appear to aim for quality rather than quantity, and I think they succeed at it, especially with titles like The Lab or Electric Sam in their collection.

How To Play It

You get a dozen different possible bet values to choose from, where the smallest one is worth $0.20, while the biggest one can be set to $100.

You don’t pick lines or individual line bets here, only that total bet. The game uses 100 coins at all times, no matter how big or small the wager is. The game has betting systems that you can employ, meaning that the game can raise or decrease the wager depending on how much you’re winning or losing.

This is a game which has 17 connecting paylines, on 3 reels with 3 rows. You have three main buttons to choose from, so it’s a game that is well optimized for use on a mobile device.

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Special Features

There are two game modes to play in here, the regular one and the bonus mode. The bonus mode has the free spins.

The Crown is a symbol that is considered a blocker during regular rounds, but during free spins it will turn into a wild feature. There, it will be usable as a substitute, when combined with various regular symbols. The bonus symbol doesn’t get any influence over it.

Activating the bonus spins is possible if you land the Ivanhoe logo symbol on three positions on one of the active lines. You get an initial 5 free spins, and then you can get one extra for each additional bonus symbol that you land.

There are multiple levels here, and if you get through them by retriggering the bonus game, then you can get additional free spins, as well as payouts as high as 300,000 coins.

Maximum Payouts

The regular combinations will pay at most $3,000, but the bonus free spins have levels that can pay as much as $300,000, if you manage to get to the end.


Ivanhoe is good if you compare it with other pokies with 3 reels, but considering the fond memories that many have from Walter Scott’s novel, I think it could’ve been a better game if it had 5 reels and themed symbols.

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