Super Heroes Pokie Review

super heroes slot logoWell done, Yggdrasil. You have us all biting our nails in anticipation as we await the 24th October when we will finally get the chance to get a good look at your brand new Super Heroes pokie.

We can’t remember when was the last time we were so excited about a new release, as we honestly believe Super Heroes is likely to be an epic title.

From what we have learned so far, it is going to be a classic 5-reel, 3-row video pokie loaded with exciting new features and stunning animations. The game follows adventures of six Super Heroes bravely staring in the face of the danger threatening to destroy the world as we know it.

Comic book aficionados will undoubtedly enjoy this promising video pokie, but we do believe that most of the gamers will love it as well.


Named by a mythical tree found in Nordic cosmology, Yggdrasil gaming studio is a provider of superior online and mobile casino games. Headquartered in Malta, Yggdrasil boasts a major development office in Krakow and a regional office in Gibraltar.

Their portfolio contains a wide range of popular casino games recognisable for their impressive graphics. Unlike many other players in the industry, Yggdrasil are committed to releasing a low volume high-quality games.

Their constant pursuit of quality in front of quantity has made them one of the most respected and acclaimed game suppliers and providers worldwide.

How To Play It

To be quite frank, we haven’t been able to discover plenty of details regarding this highly-anticipated game.
Yggdrasil have kept all the details under wraps, understandably so as they were extremely keen to keep all details to themselves in order to protect what is likely to be a prizes jewel away from competitors.

What we do know for sure is that Super Heroes will be built in HTML5 format and that it will work on all devices and platforms, which was to be expected from what will be a stunning game.

Several details have been revealed though and they are related to game’s main characters.

There are six of them and they all have their own superpowers. Hard-hitting Knox, mischievous Raven, super-charged Tesla, mysterious Mirage, hectic Hopper and mesmerising Trance will battle for our planet’s survival in incredible 3D graphics and animation.

We are sure the game will be followed by an incredible soundtrack worthy of a blockbuster this game appears to be. Yggdrasil claim that six Super Heroes bring the goods and skills to save the day with the game featuring six different features for guaranteed wins.

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Special Features

From all that has so far been revealed, we found out that six different heroes will use their powers in the game alone or with another hero helping them in joined force. The action-packed game will bring excitement straight from the top, but the variety of different features will only make us fall further in love with this title, that is for sure.

Overlapping features are definitely a great way to allow players to get some great winning combinations in the base game already, but also within the bonus features that we expect an abundance of.

Random Wilds, mystery wins, extra free spins, Wild reels multipliers and changing symbols have been guaranteed, that’s what we know for sure will be implemented in this game. And with that being said we will surely be in for plenty of action.

Maximum Payout

There is no way of telling what this great game will offer payout-wise, but we are certain that potential winnings will be as stunning as visuals and action in this game.

Yggdrasil are known as the game developers who make their games available for large masses, making them affordable and suitable for a wide range of players. We will be sure to get a game with multitude of paying lines available at different coin value for a cash bet going from something as low as $1 we all can afford for a spin or two of pure joy.

Overlapping features, multipliers and Wild wins make it impossible for us to guess the maximum payouts of even go close to picking a number that can serve as a guideline for us all. Therefore, we will have to wait for the official launch to get a good grip on financial details.


Yggdrasil are making huge strides towards the top with their games. Following their Double Dragons video pokie, a visually stunning game which set new bar for pokie games Yggdrasil will have to beat themselves in raising the bar even further.

From what we saw in their short promo video, they will be able to do that as Super Heroes appear to be something completely new in the gaming industry. Six different characters, an abundance of enticing bonuses and overlapping features are making us itch with excitement.

Luckily, it won’t be long before the game is officially out, so do get in touch to exchange experiences and impressions once it finally sees the light of day.

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