Titanic Pokie Review

titanic slot logoThe gambling industry was shaken when Bally Technologies announced that they were going to launch a Titanic pokie in online version. The first version (or how I prefer call it, the “physical” version),  was released on September 13rd, 2015 and it was a success in Las Vegas.

Even when we don’t know yet the online version, we do know all the aspects and features that the first version includes, so that’s why we can tell you why you should be excited about this releasement on online platforms.

Bally Technologies used as inspiration for this game not only the famous story of the first transatlantic shipwreck on the early 20th century, the RMS Titanic. They primarily used the amazing movie directed by the Oscar-winner James Cameron premiered in 1997.

The symbols aren’t only the classical K, Q, J 9 and 10. They include our beloved main characters Rose and Jack (performed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio respectively) with even Celine Dion’s face and the gemstone from Rose’s necklace.

The online version counts with a stunning design that really resembles the ambience and the atmosphere of the movie. The quality of the design is indisputable as usual in every Bally Technologies new game.


Bally Technologies truly has an indisputable experience. Founded in 1968 as “Advanced Patent Technology”, they had moved to the manufacturing of pokies machines in 1979. The founders, Jack Solomon and Alvin Snapper, didn’t have any idea about company size that they created. Nobody could predict that Bally Technologies will be acquired by Bally Gaming International. Nowadays, this American company develops perfectly manufactured casino games both on online platforms and “physical” versions that you can find easily in Las Vegas’ casinos.

How to play it

They way of playing won’t change much. The layout will has a spin button and a autoplay button, the option for selecting your coins’ amount and the option for seeing your winning balance.

The magic will start when you press the spin button. Probably they include other elements in this aspect, maybe they can allow you choose a character or something. However, the basic structure will be keeped.

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Special Features

The features on the physical version was an undisputed success. Many witnesses said that there were a lot of women seeking for a ticket for playing this online pokie machine because it has a classic style with marvelous features.

There is a Free Spin Feature in the physical version that we can’t ignore and I could assure that will be included in the online version, maybe with other details. If you get three bonus symbols on the same spin, you will get a free spin with multipliers, which can be between numbers one to five.  If you get a big win, you will listen “My Heart Will Go On” as victory song.

We suppose that the online version will also include the other awesome features, which is the featured bonus round, the Mystery Feature, which resembles a famous scene from the movie. Depending on your betting amount, you can win a first, second or third class ticket. The earning of every ticket will change.

Maximum Payout

The machine previously developed has a maximum bet of 400 credit points, according to official information. I would say that the rewards in the online version could be around this number or even bigger, because the physical version is a penny pokie. However, we can expect some excellent prizes and bounties from Titanic online pokie machine.


Titanic could be one of the launches of the year, only if Bally Technologies use to their advantage all the wonderful aspects and elements that seems within reach. The theme is great, the symbols and layout design are outstanding, the rewards are excellent and the features guarantees interaction and fun.

Get ready for living the most famous shipwreck of the history and living the wonderful movie experience that was written by James Cameron. Bally Technologies provides us the opportunity of living an unparalleled experience by playing Titanic online pokie machine.

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