Yggdrasil Gaming Launched Incinerator Pokie Machine

incinerator-pokie-logoThis game designed by Yggdrasil will take you on a journey to a futuristic world, where you are in charge of one of the most important challenges mankind will face in the future. getting rid of all the waste that comes with development, by setting it on fire, hey I know it’s not the green way but why would you recycle in an online video slot machine?

The design is really good and the animations are above average, all of the elements of the game are new and original, you will enjoy getting a profit engulfing random thing in a ball of fire… for a profit. The game-play is really simple since your interactions with the game are limited to placing your bets, setting the value you prefer on your coins and spinning the reels, but all the animations that are triggered with the two special features this game brings will make sure you won’t get bored of this title in a good while.

What We Love

The design of this game is really cool, the whole layout looks very modern. The developers decided to go all the way and use only original symbols on the reels, you will not find those pesky 9, !0, J, Q, K, A cards I find boring and repetitive, you can really see the effort it took to design this title.

Another thing I enjoy is the original idea Yggdrasil had for Incinerator, when you get a combination all of the symbols you used will burn and disappear, letting new ones take their place, these new symbols can also be combined with the ones that were not used before, this feature is complemented by the wild symbols you will constantly get, they can be used to raise your combinations by a large margin. Wild symbols are very common in slots but using them alongside Incinerator’s cool burning feature is just a different experience, it will constantly be giving you the chance to sit back and enjoy all the fire in the screen that will in turn translate into a large amount of coins.

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What We Don’t Love

The profit margin is a bit low, even though the game is got a 96 RTP percentage, you will depend on getting the right symbols burning constantly, which does not happen too often, the developers tried to use both of the cool features they implemented on this game you compensate for fixing the amount of lines to 20, they were close to doing so but the rewards are just not that good when compared to other titles.

Worth Playing?

Having played with a lot of video slots machines I got to appreciate an original feature a developer might try to implement on their games, Incinerators cool looking burning feature is the example of the way developers can get a good idea and an awesome design in the same game, all of the elements you will enjoy on the screen are very pretty and will have you spinning for a good time. Yggdrasil Gaming hit the nail in the head with this title.

Even when the game is a little limited because it lacks some very popular features like multipliers and free spin rounds, the fresh ideas and cool design definitely make it worth trying out, having all original symbols makes it very fresh, since you can get bored of the traditional cards that appear in almost all other games. If you think this game sounds cool I invite you to try it out it for free since it is available in some of the most popular online casinos.

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