Age of the Gods Pokie Review

to-the-rescueBack in the day, when I was in high school, I was taught that there were many mythology classes depending on the culture. My teachers used to focus on the Scandinavian and Greek folklore. Back then I developed a huge interest in the Greek mythology. I was interested by all the Greek gods and their rivalries for love and justice. It is quite an interesting subject.

This time I am excited to be talking about this new upcoming release by one of the majors, Playtech company. Age of the Gods is a new virtual pokie machine created by Playtech, set to be released this year. The theme of the game is inspired by these ancient Greek gods.

As the background shows us a scene resembling an ancient war zone to set the mood, the grid up front evoke some of the gods of the Olympus. You will be able to find Zeus, Hercules, Poseidon and Athena in the reel, among the traditional A, K, Q, and J cards.

As ancient Age of the Gods might sound, the game is based on a traditional 5 x 3 reel with 25 different and unique pay-lines to come across really nice combinations.


Age of the God was created by one of the best known companies in the business. Playtech is a developer specialized in online gambling. Founded in 1999, it has a career of almost 17 years of experience reflected in a vast portfolio full of well-crafted entertaining games. They have specialized over the years in the making of games that fulfill everybody’s tastes.

They have a large range of themes to pick from: From the most innovating reels to the most traditional 5 x 3 grids, with even trademarked themes, like Top Gun and Ace Ventura: The Pet Detective.
Not only Playtech is always coming up with the best of features to make their games even more fun, but they always put their best efforts in the making of beautifully designed virtual pokie machines.

How to Play It

Age of the Gods is no different than other online pokie machines when it comes to the user’s interface, as all the interactions you will need to make in-game will take place in the bottom area of your screen. In here you will be able to find an information button which pops up a window with all the rules of procedure and the value of the symbols, a small display with the number of pay-lines you are playing with.

The value setter for the bet you place in every pay-line, a display with the amount of your last win and another one with the amount of your total bet, the auto-spin button which lets you sit back and relax while the game automatically spins the reel for you, the turbo mode, one of Playtech’s signature features, which allows you to accelerate some of the animations to make faster movements, and the traditional and easily recognizable spin button at last.

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Special Features

Since the only information there is about this game out in the open are from the short snippet found in Playtech’s announcement, there is not much to say about the special features in the game.

However, there is a small minigame where you’ll face thirty different coins and asked to choose three of them. If you reveal three matching ones, the game will reward you a tremendous amount of credits.

Maximum Payout

Age of the Gods will feature a progressive jackpot powered by Playtech Ultimate Power, with four different levels: Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Ultimate Power. However, no further information about the payout has been released.


We can only say our expectations are high, even though there is not much information about this game out in the open. Playtech has always managed to come up with fun and entertaining games, with great designs and huge profitability, and we are sure this time will be no different. We are anxious to find out more about this title.

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