The Starlight Kiss Slot

The Starlight Kiss slot is a video slot that features five reels and a number of ways to win. It is a game that is particularly appealing among the romantics who come out to virtual casinos. It has some big jackpots as well as a good bonus feature that will really bring out a good mood in anyone who plays this particular casino game.

Theme Of the Game

The Starlight Kiss slot has a romantic theme to it. It features a number of romance-related symbols and features. It takes place around a big mansion and features many characters who are devoted to the art of love and romance. It has an enticing look to it that is handsome and unique.

Play Free:

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How To Play?

The game has five reels and does not use traditional paylines. It uses 243 different ways for people to win. The game entails a number of traditional slot symbols as well as some attractive and handsome symbols for players to go along with.

The game will require people to match as many symbols on a slot screen as possible. This is a good game that has a potential for anyone to win at it but it is important to especially watch for how the special symbols can be used here.

The logo for the game is the wild symbol. It is also more valuable when paired with more of these at a time. Meanwhile the Man and Lady symbols will bring out a payout that will vary based on where they might show up on a section.

The Mansion will be the scatter symbol. It can bring in fourteen free spins and a 2x multiplier. A player can get to a retrigger feature that can potentially entail more free spins if the spin gets three or more scatters at once.

Some bonus symbols will also be found around the game. These symbols will entail the Man and Lady of the game embracing each other in a romantic position.

How Much Can Be Won?

The total amount of money that can be won while playing this casino game can be rather large. People can potentially win up to 40,000 coins on one spin. This is thanks to the extended variety of symbols and multipliers that can be used in this game. There are more than enough options for people to find when to comes to getting different wild bonuses as well.

Some of the smaller prizes can be great for people to find as well. A player can get 21,000 coins for getting five scatter symbols. Meanwhile, a player with five Starlight Kiss logo symbols around a single spin will be good for 20,000 coils. Even having just four of those symbols will result in 10,000 coins on the same spin. The possibility for a player to get a great deal of money off of a single spin will certainly be an attractive part of this slot that will make it special when compared with so many slots out there.

Additional Features

The big additional feature of the slot is the Romance Bonus. This is a game that will come about if a player can get three of the bonus symbols that feature that Man and Lady together. This will bring the player out to a romantic setting in a virtual garden.

The player will have to choose a series of different romantic symbols in the bonus game. These will be mixed together in the garden and will fill up the Romance Meter. This is depending on what symbols might come up at a time. The total prize that one will get will vary based on the number of hearts that have been added into the Romance Meter. This can end up getting to be 40,000 coins in the highest possible case.

The game features its different levels as a means of allowing people to set the mood and have a little more fun with the different things that they can play with. There is a real potential for players to fill up the Romance Meter all the way.


Players who want to try a good casino slot right now should see how the Starlight Kiss game is arranged. This is a fun game that will entail a good jackpot and can be fun for all to try out. It has a truly romantic atmosphere to it and can certainly make for a unique slot for anyone to play at while at an online casino.


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