How To Find the Best 2019 Real Money Casino Sites

bonusesSo you are looking for an online casino site that would be the best for you and provide an experience alike. Sure, as that is exactly what most players are after, especially those looking to gamble for real money. Sadly, either lack of patience, skill or experience stand in the way of actually finding your way towards them. I really hope that you have not ran into one of the blacklisted casinos and are still optimistic about finding the best casino for yourself, because that is exactly what we will help you with while you go through this article.

First of all, the best is a subjective term, when it comes to real money casinos, as what could potentially great for one punter might be terrible for someone else. If you do proper research beforehand and follow our advice, it is completely possible to determine that one magical casino that will be the best for you.

Best New Zealand Real Money Online Casinos

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 Gaming Club Online Casino Gaming Club Online Casino $350 + 30Free Pokies Spins Review Visit »
2 Vegas Paradise Online Casino Vegas Paradise Online Casino $1000 Review Visit »
3 Jackpot City New Zealand Jackpot City New Zealand AU$1600 - Free Spins Review Visit »
4 Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino $1000 + 50 FREE Pokie Spins Review Visit »
5 Riverbelle Casino Riverbelle Casino $200 Review Visit »

How Do Casino Sites Differ?

All casinos share a similarity of offering various forms and types of gambling games, likely for real money. However that might be the only thing that is similar or the same with these. To give you a better grasp on things, lets see how casino sites differ from each other.

Software Platform & Games

netent logo microgaming logoThe biggie – casinos offer custom developed games that are often accessible only at gambling sites powered by a certain software provider. You see, most of the time companies are too busy with marketing side of things to develop their own games. This is where companies like Net Entertainment and Microgaming chime in and offer games that they have developed.

Of course, if you choose two casino sites that use the same software developer, the games will be the same, but unless that is the case, they will be different and often on a completely different level of quality.

There will also be companies that offer a multi platform compatible casino client, while others will limit you to playing only from your computer, sometimes with a download being required.


bankingThis is how seemingly great gambling sites turn into bad ones – by providing a bad experience, when it comes to withdrawals. There are two possible ways of how monetary transactions are taken care of in the gambling world. First one is doing them in-house, which is mostly done by the biggest players in the market.

The other way is to use a payment processing company, which is how gambling sites can avoid having the hassle of dealing with security checks and having to take care of payouts daily.

Why did I mention that banking often helps me determine how good a particular casino brand is? Because those that want to live up to a title of being the best should process transactions fast, instead of taking weeks for doing so. What is considered to be convenient in this area? I would say up to 72 hours for credit and debit cards and within 24 hours for withdrawals. Trust me, there are companies who are taking care of transactions in half the time I just listed, so it is completely doable.

Customer Support

How can I help you?Similarly to banking and processing transactions, customer support is also in hands of the casino and company operating it. This is where I’ve found a major difference in terms of what is offered. Sure, all casinos seem to list that there is a 24/7 exceptional customer service offered that can often be reached via live chat within a couple of minutes. However, how many casino brands actually offered a service that would allow players to talk with competent workers? Well, I have been in the industry for about 5 years now and can honestly admit that I’ve got more fingers than the amount of casinos that offer competent customer support.

It all is getting better though and with new casinos launching daily, I’m sure that things are going into the right direction.

Bonuses, Promotions & VIP Programs

casino offersAdditional perks for choosing a particular casino site is also what helps them do stand out against the competition. You’ll see a lot of bonuses offered by online casinos, but not all of them are the same. Even more, there are several types of these that you can learn of in our casino bonus guide.

casino promotionsNot only are bonuses and promotions great for casinos, as appealing incentives to new players, but they are also great for you! In hindsight, bonus means something gifted on top of the ordinary what is usually expected. I would go as far as saying that casino bonus offers are completely free money, because you would very likely gamble even without the existence of them. At least I know that I certainly would.

vip-rewardsWhen it comes to casino VIP programs, the difference is even bigger. Most companies seem either not to care enough or not be competent for developing a proper VIP scheme with multiple levels. This is especially the case with US friendly casino sites that offer nothing more than a basic ‘’cash to points’’ program.

That’s not to say that there are no casinos at all with great VIP programs – not even close. One great example of how these should be developed is that offers multiple VIP tiers and rewards.

How To Determine Whether a Casino Is Good for Me?

Yourself and your needs are two important terms to follow here. It does not matter what any other player or company have said about a specific casino brands, as their needs might not be equal to yours. To ease this process and point you into the right direction, I have prepared some questions that you should ask yourself. I would suggest to take a sheet of paper and write them down so you would have a better grasp on things.globe

  • Where am I located? The big important answers is inside United States or outside. However, I have currently written casino guides for the following countries – UK, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Denmark. Why is location important? First of all, you might not be eligible to join some casinos for legal reasons, but also due to the fact that there are some region or market specific casinos that will please you with being able to gamble in your local currency, language as well as use banking methods that are very convenient.what games
  • What Games am I looking to play? The answer of a game type such as slots, blackjack or roulette might be good enough. However, if there is a more specific game that you’d want to play, make sure to include that in your answer, because not all casinos might offer that exact game or type of it. Browse our gambling games section for various previews of games and game types.
  • What is the banking method I want to use? Obviously this is important because a casino of your choice might Credit cardsnot be offering the banking method that you are willing to use. Don’t have a banking method yet? Take a look at our casino payments guide.
  • How much I want to deposit and play? This is not as important in general, but will come in handy, when looking for a casino bonus offer. You can calculate exactly how much you will need to play for any bonus offered and thus determine whether it is worth claiming it in the first place.
  • What platform I want to play from? Is it a mobile device, a mac computer or just casual Windows powered one? Generally all online casinos will offer multi platform support, but it can never hurt to check twice.

So once you have answered all these questions for yourself, the decision making should become way easier than it was before. Now you have also became competent for judging whether any online casino site is good or not.