Twin Spin Pokie

Net Entertainment’s Twin Spin slot machine is a popular game to check out on many online casinos. This is a game that is marked by how there’s a potential for a player to get twin reels that are the same. In addition, a player could potentially get three or four reels to be the same.

This game has become a hit with people thanks to its unique style and also for how a player could potentially win a great deal of money on a single spin.

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Theme Of the Game

The main theme of this game is that it is a traditional Las Vegas-style slot machine. That is, it has a good series of neon colors and plenty of fine flashing lights all over the place. It creates a traditional look that may be fun for all sorts of people to try out.

However, the biggest theme that comes with this game is that at least two reels will be identical to each other on every spin. The only question is just which ones are going to be identical while playing this game.

The design is flashy and bright and will not necessarily stick with any specific type of standard that so many other video slots have. The fact that many slot reels will be duplicates of one another in this game is the biggest point for everyone to try out.

How To Play

The game is very easy for anyone to play. The game requires a person to simply make a spin and match as many of the traditional slot symbols on a screen at a given time. The game has five reels and 243 ways to win.

The biggest part of how to play comes from how the game has two reels that are adjacent to each other that will be the same. That is, a player can get the same symbols on each of these individual reels. However, the specific spots on the slot that the twin reels will be on will vary by each spin. The symbols on these reels will also vary on each spin.

In addition, the player will have a potential to get three or four identical reels on one spin. The odds of this happening are not too strong but this is a feature that could potentially get anyone to win even more money.

How Much Can Be Won?

The Twin Spin slot prides itself on its big jackpots. A player can win as many as 270,000 coins on a single spin.

The slot allows people to possibly win on multiple combinations at a given time. This comes especially as the twinned reels come along. In fact, the biggest wins can come about when the first three or four reels are all the same. Of course, the total amount that can be won will vary based on the quality of the symbol and whether or not it is deemed to be scarce. In particular, a diamond combination will clearly be worth a whole lot more than what might come about elsewhere on this slot while playing around with it.

Additional Features

The key additional feature to find on this game is the wild symbol. This is a simple symbol that has the word Wild on it. This will be a substitute for all symbols. Therefore, a player could possibly get five matching symbols with ease of this symbol shows up.

In addition, the wild symbol may be found on some of the duplicate reels around the slot. This will ensure a victory of some sort if the duplicate reels are within the first three reels on the slot.

Another special part of the slot is that it gives players the possibility to get all five reels to be the exact same. This is a very rare occasion but this could end up giving players some huge payouts depending on the particular symbols that show up.


The Twin Spin slot is an exciting game that will give people a unique way to win. This is a game that will give players the potential to really win quite a bit of money off of getting more reels to be the exact same as one another. It is a great game to check out when looking for ways to have fun at any online casino.

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