Creature From The Black Lagoon

Net Entertainment has created an appealing video slot that is available at many online casinos called the Creature From the Black Lagoon slot. This is a special game that features a fun design.

In addition, it has a number of ways for people to win while also giving players the opportunity to potentially get some good bonuses on the many games that they want to play.

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Theme Of the Game

The game is based off of the famed Creature From the Black Lagoon movie from Universal. It features a swampy environment and plenty of symbols that represent of the film. There are also some symbols that feature people looking for the creature.

The design is made to give off the look of a classic B-movie just like the original film. It has a nice retro look and creates a fun appearance. It is a great look that is a big part of what gets people to come back for more time and again.


How To Play

The slot is a five-reel game that uses twenty lines. The player can adjust one’s bet and coin value to go after different combinations. The key is to ensure that the right symbols show up on the lines that are being played at a given time.

The key is to match as many like symbols in one line as possible. A player will certainly get more coins in a spin if that player ends up getting more of one symbol in a line. There’s a potential to get hundreds of coins on a single spin depending on how it goes about.


How Much Can Be Won?

The total amount of money that a player can win will vary based on the level that one plays with. A player can go up to ten levels in a game, meaning that the player can bet ten coins on a single spin. A player could get up to 7,500 on a single spin if the player goes with the maximum number of coins to play with.

The key is for the symbols to appear from left to right. That is, the symbols have to appear in at least the first three reels on the same line in order to make it all work right. The symbols should all be organized properly to create a better game that is easy for all to play and can make for a fun experience that anyone can enjoy playing along with.


Additional Features

The game will feature Free Spin symbols all around the slot. If a player gets three of these symbols on a line then the player will get 10 free spins. Meanwhile, four of these symbols will provide a player with 15 free spins. If five of these symbols come up in a spin then the player will get 20 free spins.

Extra free spins can be won during those particular spins. Target symbols will have to be found along with some other additional free spin symbols in order to get an additional 10 free spins to go with whatever one has gotten.

Some wild symbols can be found all around the slot. The main wild symbol will feature the logo for the game with a Green background. The symbols can appear all around the slot and will replace any symbol with the exception of the free spin one. Many wild symbols can also stay on the screen for at least one re-spin after they come up.

Two Spreading Wild symbols can also be found during the free spin process. These are made with the same slot logo but with yellow and orange backgrounds instead of what they normally feature. This is designed to let players have a little more fun with trying to get the biggest possible bonuses.



The Creature From the Black Lagoon slot is a fun game for everyone to try playing. It is a game that features a unique look and layout that is designed with a classic B-movie style.

It also offers plenty of ways for people to potentially win free spins as well as some good wild symbols that can make it even easier for people to potentially get some big wins in this game. It’s a game that all players should be on the lookout for when they look for interesting things to play with at any particular online casino.



Get Your 150% Welcome Bonus up to NZ$200 HERE

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