Playtech Launched Wacky Waters Pokie Machine


wacky waters logoPlaytech brings us a new 5 reel and 15 payline pokie called Wacky Waters, like the name says it is based, like a lot of pokies out there, in a deep aquatic theme.

The thing is how to overcome the banal and common theme and make it interesting somehow, they come up with a two-dimensional symbol to accompany the lack of good graphics. But all of these with the intention of being cheerful and perhaps funny.

They try to make up with some interesting animations to bring life to the pokie. You will see shoals of fish swimming around and some bubbles rising towards the foreground. As basic as it could be, like they didn’t want to spend more money on something with a lot more care.

If you haven’t heard of Playtech perhaps the pokie machine world is something external for you. It is a massive company with excellent revenues and quality games.

They’re the definition of innovation and it’s perhaps one of the biggest gaming software companies in the world. In this year they’re trying to grab as much market share as they can with several games, this as one of them.

There are some small sea creatures in this game such as prawns, seahorses, a tropical fish and a yellow starfish and others of a bigger stature like a wild blowfish (Albert), a smiling shark and an Octopus.  They seem friendlier than most sea creatures and these symbols are accompanied with the classic card icons J through A.

What We Love

I need to rescue something out of this game that Playtech did marvelously. The interaction of this title is definitely a game changer. The Albert’s Underwater Bonus is simply terrific in every sense.

The companies are understanding the trends that are been projected way too slow, except for Playtech. They have been the trendsetter for a while now and in this year they wanted to gain as much market share as they can trying to deliver a lot of games to different types of players.

wacky waters slot screenshot big

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In this game particularly, Albert catches himself on a fisherman’s anchor and you are set to choose where he is going to go next. In this bonus feature he will get in the way of several objects that could be extra wilds, multipliers or even free spins. This three things the core of every pokie machine blended in one solid feature.

Albert also has protagonism in the other cool and innovative feature of this title: Puffin’ Up Feature. Where he is going to blow your mind, literally. If you trigger the puffer fish on the middle of the centre reel, he will puffs up until he explodes and gives wilds anywhere on the game.

What We Don’t Love

The childish theme is just annoying for me. In contrast of other cool things Playtech have designed over the years this 2D symbols are just a joke and the animations doesn’t quite cut it for me.

I would rather have some other layout because this theme is so common and ordinary that you need to give an extra mile in order to impress someone. If you’re a developer and you want to do an overused theme, at least do a perfect one.

Worth Playing?

Despite the fact that the visual graphics are a complete disappointment for me I think this is a game with great earnings and excellent features. It has 2 of the three things that we usually look for in a pokie.

Perhaps this fact is the one thing that separates it of becoming a perfect title. But if you don’t care much of the esthetics of the game here is a good and complete game to play.

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