Online Casino Bonuses – Your Guide to the Best Bonus Offers & Promotions

bonus imageAre you looking to start playing online casino games for real money? If so, this is an important article that you should definitely read and take proper action once you have done it. Online casino industry is a billion industry and one of the most competitive niches found on the internet. Why am I saying this? So you would understand why there are so many casino sites out there, all of whom seem to offer bonus offers that seem too good to be true.

Lets start with the basics – a bonus by its definition is something that is given on top of what is expected and that is exactly the case with gambling bonuses. You expect to play your favorite gambling game online, but on top of that, get to do so by claiming a bonus in between! It all sounds sweet, but in order to get the best possible value out of these, you should really educate yourself around the topic. That’s where I chime in and my 5 year experience in the gambling industry comes quite handy too. You are about to go through a complete guide of bonuses that are offered by online casinos, so get more comfortable and enjoy.

Types of Offers

Do you know why casinos offer bonuses in the first place? For one, it is to lurk you into playing games exactly at their gambling environment. For two, they want to stand out from the crowd, where the crowd is several hundred other providers of gambling games. The second reason kind of correlates with the first one, though.

Now depending on what target market or player type a particular gambling site has chosen, you will see different promotions and bonuses being offered. Lets break them down in categories.

welcome bonus1Welcome Bonuses – these are usually high in both their amount and the match percentage on the deposited amount. They are the main incentive casino sites are using to gain new players with. It’s not uncommon to see bonuses that are as high as $1,000 and with a match percentage going all the way up to 100% on the amount you have deposited. This means that you would have to put up $1,000 of your own money, to have a playing bankroll of $2,000. That is just an example though. You can see some of the best Welcome Bonuses Here:

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 Jackpot City New Zealand Jackpot City New Zealand AU$1600 - Free Spins Review Visit »
2 Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino $1000 + 50 FREE Pokie Spins Review Visit »
3 Spin Palace Casino Spin Palace Casino $1000 Review Visit »

welcome bonus2

Re-Load Bonuses – casinos love depositors, as they receive money from you and who would not like that? Reload bonuses are offered as an incentive to put more money into your account. These are usually sent via e-mail or listed at particular casinos website. It’s common to see daily, weekly and monthly offers to keep players playing.

no deposit bonusNo Deposit Bonuses – now these are way different than the previous two, as they require no investment from you, but will still allow you to play for real money. Well, that’s only partially true as the money you are playing with won’t become real unless you make a deposit and fulfill the bonus requirements.

Casino sites are not all that keen to give these away in todays gambling environment, but if they do offer them, value of these offers is quite small. Having that said, I would still advise these as a great way to test whether you like the games and overall service offered by that particular gambling site.

free spinsFree spin offers – targeted towards slot machine players, these can be divided into two sub sections. Ones are offered with no deposit required and allow you to try a specific slot machine in real money mode while risking nothing. The others require you to deposit, but are more valuable most of the time. Common offers include 100 free spins for a deposit that is as small as $10.

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 Jackpot City New Zealand Jackpot City New Zealand AU$1600 - Free Spins Review Visit »
2 Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino $1000 + 50 FREE Pokie Spins Review Visit »

Terms & Conditions

Terms & ConditionsCasino players love bonuses, that is a proven fact. What they hate is terms and conditions, also known as wagering requirements, that require them to wager a certain amount of money, become that beloved bonus can be withdrawn.

How does this work and where can you find these conditions? Either at the website of casino site you are playing on or at this site. We have hundreds of offers and every one of them features deep analysis in regards to terms. Lets take a look at the most common terms and conditions featured.

Wagering requirementsPlaythrough requirements – main condition that shows how much money has to be wagered before a bonus can be withdrawn. Usually the amount is referred to as x times the bonus amount, where the ‘’x’’is anywhere between 15 to 100 times. Here is an example just to make sure you have gotten it right:

You claim a $100 bonus that features 20x playthrough requirements. How much you have to wager before it can be withdrawn? The answer is $2,000, because 20 times 100 is 2,000.

casino gamesEligible Games – most bonus offers, unless stated otherwise, are meant to be for slots and scratch card players among other higher house edge games. They are most certainly not for BlackJack or Baccarat players, where the house edge is as small as 0.50%. Don’t get me wrong, majority of time you will still be able to work towards fulfilling conditions with these games, but likely only a small portion of your wagers will count. Let me give an example again:

  • You wager $100 playing slots – the whole amount is counted towards requirements.
  • You wager $100 playing BlackJack and the bonus T&C state that 10% of BlackJack wagers count – you have wagered $10 towards fulfilling the bonus requirements.

Other Factors – two requirements that I referred to above are most important in my subjective opinion. Both of them relate to the actual bonus value and will help you to determine it. Other terms include the amount of time you are give to clear the bonus and whether bonus can be cashed out or not. Before you think anything, just keep on reading as our next paragraph will clear the air.

What are cashable and non-cashable casino bonuses?

This is so important that I did not want you to miss it so it’s in a paragraph of its own. There are two types of casino bonus offers, when looking at it from permissions in terms of withdrawing. Cashable casino bonuses are those that are available for withdrawing right after you have fulfilled terms and conditions of their. On the other hand, non-cashable bonus offers are NOT available for withdrawing and can only be used for playing. Most BlackJack and Roulette casino bonuses are exactly of this kind – non cashable that is. You are given additional funds to play with, but they are taken away once you request a withdrawal. Of course, you are still entitled to any winnings that can be made using these funds.


Game Specific Bonuses

bustthebank free spinsThese are bonus offers that are exclusive to a particular casino gambling game. I already referred to the fact that most bonus offers are tailored towards slot players, but there still are some for players of other games too, including ones with very low house edge. Note that all bonus types listed below are NON-CASHABLE and will work as additional funds for you to use to increase your playing bankroll.

We have gathered specific BlackJack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and table games bonuses. You can claim up to $3,000 in additional funds for playing these games so make sure to take a look at them!


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programOn top of what you can claim from casino bonuses, most sites will also offer the so called loyalty or VIP program. If you are constantly playing, these will definitely account for more cash-back than bonuses and often will allow you to experience things that you would otherwise not.

You see, there are various VIP schemes out there, but most serious casinos have developed them in a fashion that rewards both, small rollers and high rollers, but given that a particular player has shown loyalty to the casino and played for at least a couple of months.

To give you a basic idea, loyalty programs are based on player point acquisition that is done by playing casino games for real money. The more you wager, the higher amount of points is awarded. Advanced casino loyalty schemes will also feature several levels and rank you depending on how many points you earn on a monthly or yearly basis. Highest VIP’s are able to get their hands on exclusive tickets and trips to sports events, cash bonuses, ability to test new games and complete concierge service. You were wrong, if you thought that there is no such thing as red carpet service in online gambling.

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