Scary Friends

Scary Friends is a monster themed game that is quite horrifying. Developed by rabcat and runs on a micro-gaming quickfire software, it is a five reel, twenty-five pay line video slots that features a number of scary yet friendly monsters. The 3D realistic graphics and the cute critters are some of the reasons why you should spin this game. Scary friends is just like the real thing, the only difference being that it is played online.

It features two sets of reels with a chance of hitting a winning combination totaling 25 active pay lines where a player can bet real money or free casino credit. The bets on scary friends range from €0.01 to €50.

A player is given total control of the game with no disruptions. Scary friends has an in-built control panel that allows you to adjust all the details during your gaming experience including the value of the coin per bet, the amount you would like to bet and the number of active pay lines.

This amazing game also features a lot of bonuses that offers free spins, massive multiplier wins that are unlocked by hitting a special combination on the reels. Players also benefit from the wild icons that substitute any symbol and increases the chances of a player to hit the jackpot.


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How to play

Playing scary friend is not complicated, there are several strategically placed buttons that can easily be overlooked if not focused. They contains words like Gamble, auto play and bet and they will guide you when playing enabling you to control the slot machine. You have to set your lines before hitting the button which allows you to spin and the coin denomination allows you to get the total bet.

After every win, you get a chance to gamble using a button on the bottom right of the spin circle. If you are a high roller, you also get an option of clicking the max Bet button on the spin circle.

You need two matching symbols on an active pay line starting from the left most reel to receive a payout with all the values displayed in the pay table and showing the money that you can win based on the value of the current coin.


How much can be worn?

The up and down arrows within the win lines and bet are used to choose the number of pay lines as well as the coin value that ranges from $0.01 to $2. Spin begins the game but auto play and max bet are also supported. The pay table button is located at the bottom right corner.

The payouts in this game are one of the most impressive features with two symbols unlocking excellent rewards. The Fuzzy monster and Pink monster wild award 20,000 coins for every five matching symbols on the pay line which is equal to $40,000 for a betting max.


The additional features

Scary friends has a Free spins Bonus and other additional bonus features that take only seconds to complete. You only have to get at least three bonus symbols to enter the amazingly animated monster training bonus. Here there are four main monsters that sit on a special spinning machine for a survival race. Your job is to just guess who will fly off last.

If you get 5 bonus symbols with the max bet, the jackpot of the round increases to 25,000. For free spins, you at least need 3 free spins symbols and you will be rewarded from 5 up to 14 free spins as well as more chances to win your money back.



There are millions of games similar to scary friends in the internet but this one has amazing rewards to the players and it is quite an enjoyable game. Its monster theme is easy to enjoy and it helps to make slots less of a serious matter and enjoyable as well.

Unlike other monster themed games, the monsters in scary friends are not scary, not that they can scare you and make you lose your bets all your bets but they are fluffy, nice and friendly. It has amazing visual display, sounds, great graphics and it is easy to learn and play but it keeps you preoccupied throughout the play time. Going by this game, the future of micro-gaming looks bright.