Casino Banking Guide – Best Payment Methods for Gambling Online

Transaction making is among the most important aspects in online gambling. If you are looking for a safe and convenient way of getting money on and off online casino sites, this guide is definitely worth a read. What we strive for is providing players from all over the globe with appealing and convenient banking methods that would allow them to deposit and withdraw their winnings fast and secure.

Same way as it was with best casinos, best banking method is also a term that is very subjective and completely depends on a variety of factors. The most important of these is your location. While some banking methods might be great for some, they might not be available to others. After you are done reading this article, you should have managed to find your own ‘’best casino banking method’’.

So what actually makes up a great banking method? Is it high limits, fast payments or convenience of being able to use the funds right away? The truth is that all these aspects are kind of back bones that payment methods should feature, sadly not all of them do.

Again, similarly as it was with our search for great casino sites, it is all about you, your needs and desires. You have to question what is it that you are looking for. That is correct and only way for finding that perfect banking method. I will try to guide you and point into right direction. Try asking these questions to yourself:

  • How much am I looking to deposit? Is it $10, $50 or $5,000?
  • What if I win big? Will I be able to withdraw with this method? What are the alternatives?
  • How fast I would want the deposit to be? What kind of fees am I comfortable paying?
  • Is having the convenience of withdrawals within a couple of hours  very important to me?

So again, I suggest that you take a sheet of paper and write answers to these down on it. You might argue that it is funny or feel weird for doing so, but it will help your throughout the process.


Regional Payment Methods

I have worked very hard to develop country specific guides for players in the biggest markets. If you are a resident at one of the countries listed below, I suggest to visit that particular guide that will also consist of the best payment methods for yourself.

If you are a resident in any of the above, the best way to find a great deposit method for yourself is to read the tailored casino guide for your country. If you have done that and still were not able to find a good banking method, please get in touch and I will assist you personally!


Types of Banking Methods & Advantages of Them

Gambling industry and sites are highly supportive of payment methods and strive to tailor them as much as possible, which is understandable. What I wanted to do here is divided banking methods into the main types along by listing the advantages and cons of using them. You’ll also find the most popular banking methods of each category listed below.


Credit & Debit Cards

The most popular method of payment in the world, right after real cash – credit and debit cards are owned by almost everyone and certainly those that are technology savvy enough to think about gambling online, just like yourself.

There are several companies that hand out credit cards (note that these are different than debit cards), with each company having their own benefits and various interest rates. The most popular ones are Visa, MasterCard, Chase and American Express, also known as Amex. Majority of online gambling sites will accept the first two, while you will have to do a fair bit of research to find casino sites powered by either Amex or Chase cards. Anyhow, find a guide for each of these credit card companies, along with casinos accepting them, below. For transparency, we have merged Visa & MasterCard credit and debit cards into a single article, as all casinos accepting credit card will also accept your debit card from either companies.


The benefits of using Credit & Debit Cards for Casino Banking 

  • Accepted by most casino sites.
  • Instant deposits and quick withdrawals.
  • Convenience of using your daily payment method – no need to go through any kind of possible hassle for making a deposit or withdrawal.
  • Relatively high limits & low processing fees



Internet wallets, also known as e-wallets, became increasingly popular couple of years ago. Now they are used by millions of people for daily transactions. The main benefits of these are high limits and a chance to pay anonymously – using nothing else, but only your e-mail address.

Most of the popular e-wallet providers, such as Skrill, Neteller, EcoCard and PayPal are available for usage worldwide, apart from the US.  Even more, they are offered as a valid deposit method by all casino sites, at least those that we advise to play on! If you are interested in learning more about a particular payment provider, click on any of the icons listed below and you’ll be taken to a 101 guide on how that particular e-wallet is used and what are the benefits along with supportive casinos.


The Benefits of Using E-Wallets for Gambling Transactions:

  • Easy to make very high deposits and withdrawals
  • Works just like a regular bank account – debit cards linked directly to e-wallet are also available
  • Anonymous payments and withdrawals
  • Signing up takes just a few minutes!
  • Funds can also be uploaded and withdrawn to your regular debit card or bank account.


Pre-Paid Card Solutions

Pre-paid cards merge everything you are looking for into a great payment solution that is available worldwide. Using them could not be much simpler and the whole concept is quite similar to purchasing pre paid credit for your phone. You will simply have to choose exactly which card are you looking for and find a location where they are sold (majority of kiosks and gas stations for the most popular cards). Purchase a card that will provide you with a single line of numbers – a code. Apply said code in casinos cashier and boom, your money will be available for play instantly!

Most popular companies providing solutions of this kind include PaySafeCard, uKash, POLi and many more. Take a look at the full list we have available below, along with a review guide and compatible casinos for every one of them!


The Benefits of Using Pre-Paid Cards for Gambling

  • Available for purchase worldwide & accepted by most online casinos
  • Deposits are incredibly easy to make – just insert a code from your card and your account will be credited with the amount of your card right away!
  • Completely anonymous payments
  • No deposit fees


Money Transfer Services – Great for US Players

These two methods, that have previously been used for speedy transfers to just about anywhere in the world, are now one of the best ways for US players to fund their accounts.  The two methods in question are MoneyGram and Western Union. Both of these offer a convenient way of funding your online gambling site wallet with limits that should be appealing to  penny players as well as high-rollers. Most of the time, you will be able to transfer as much as $3,000 to the casino with a single transfer and you can do several ones of these. Withdrawals are also available, making these two methods among the most favored in the United States online gambling market. Check out a more in-depth review for any of them by clicking on either logo below.


Advantages of Using Money Transfer Services for Gambling:

  • Transactions are very fast, both deposits and withdrawals
  • Safer than using a credit or debit card
  • Larger amounts can be deposited and withdrawn
  • Best Method for US Players


Bank Wires & Instant Banking

Bank transfers are quite similar to credit card deposits – they are widely available to most people and also accepted by majority of casinos. These are great for those of you that either do not want to put their card details online or want to deposit large amounts of money.

Long gone are the times when a bank transfer took weeks. Actually now it is completely possible to make an instant bank transfer from your local bank to an online casino – the money will be credited immediately! One such solution used in online gambling is known as Instant Banking by Citadel. For a full list of banking methods alike, take a look at payment solutions offered below.


Advantages of Using Bank Transfers for Online Gambling

  • Likely the most available banking method for you and also accepted by most online casino sites.
  • Transfer large amounts of money with ease
  • Using instant banking will allow you to deposit through your bank account instantly – the money will be available in your casino account minutes after approving transaction.


Overview on Casino Banking

If you have gone through this article and also visited a couple of payment method reviews that are linked to from this page, you should be as knowledgeable as I am in regards to online casino banking. Just remember – there isn’t a single best method that can be used to deposit, it all depends on yourself and your needs.