BEST_Map_Of_EuropeThe European Union is made up of 28 member countries, which is why it is mostly called the EU28. As of now, it is the largest market for the online casino. The EU market accounted to about 47.4% of the gross wins, which are the stakes, without the winnings that amounted to 26.6million Euros. Most of the Asian and the US market were shut down, which gave an upper hand to the EU market.

Another common factor that contributes to the boom in the market is the powerful software that support the games. These software have been in existence for almost 20 years and they are more advanced as the technology keeps evolving.

The games can also be played for real money, which is another common factor that has contributed to the growth of the sector.

Most Popular Games

There are many games that are played at the online casinos. Some of them are most preferred due to their design, while others are preferred, due to the money that the players earn. Here are some of the most popular games played at an online casino;


These are almost the easiest games to play and they will come in 5-reel, 4-reel and 3-reel slots. Most of them are based on a popular movie, TV show or Novel. They only entail spinning and waiting for your luck.


This game is easy to play, which is also one of the reasons that makes it common. The game is more of having luck in it, rather than using sophisticated strategies.

The players of this game will not be required to put much effort in it, rather, they only need to relax and go along with the game. The game offers several versions, including the European Roulette and the American Roulette.


This is another common online game that was already in play before the online casino was developed. It is among the most preferred game, especially since it entails a lot of money in a single play. With this game, it involves two participants or two hands, the bank and the player.

In the executive games, the game will be played in a separate room that is highly secured for privacy and protection. This is mostly due to the involvement of high amount of money in one single play. At one time, a player won more than $10 million when he was playing at a London online casino.


Another top game that has been in existence for quite a while and it is offered at the online casino. It is also the most played game in any online casino. It also involves the card games, which is also common offline.

However, the EU online casinos have integrated it in their platform, which allows the players to play it at any time from anywhere.

Popular Slots

There are many slot games that are available and here are some of the top slot games played in the EU;

Thunderstruck 2. This is a popular slot game that is powered by the MicroGaming software. It has the Norse mythology, which covers the real Norse theme. This game has about 243 pay lines that are available to the players.

The Wizard of Oz. This one is powered by WMS and it is a 5-reel video game that is based on the popular novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, allowing you to play it like it is. There are several spins in the game and lots of features.

Book Of RA. This slot game has been powered by Novomatic and it is a land-based slot game that offers the player with some free spins and it is also a 5-reel video slot.

Top Casinos For EU Players

Some of the leading casinos that are dedicated to the EU player include the following;

Vegas Paradise

vegasparadiseThis is supposedly the top casino, which gives the player the real Las Vegas sensation. There are some free games that can be played by anyone.

Nevertheless, new members get a maximum of €200 and also, there are several free spins.


bgoThis casino offers a friendly interface for the players and it can be played easily online, which lets anyone to enjoy the free games.

However, more games and bonuses are available when you register. For instance, you can enjoy 20 free spins and also, you will get 200 as a deposit bonus.

Leo Vegas

leovegasThis one lets you enjoy the mobile and PC version and you can also play many free games.

New members will be rewarded with a maximum of 700 Euros and about 200 free spins on their sign up.