Jack and The Beanstalk

Net Entertainment is one of the most renowned providers of online betting and gambling games as well as entertainment. They offer various games and slots to play each offering unique opportunities to win substantial amounts. Their games are also easy to play and the interface is optimised for an enhanced user experience. Here is a descriptive review of Jack and the beanstalk slot which is one of their popular games.

The game is derived from the traditional fairytale story that features Jack the giant slayer who saves humanity from the threat of giant attack. It is among the most played games and has various opportunities for betting and winning.

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Theme of the game

As mentioned above, jack and beanstalk slot is a game based on the fairy tale story that has been depicted by many books and movies. It involves Jack, who finds a bean seed which grows to become very tall, linking the human world to a world of giants.

Once he climbs up and discovers the giants are a threat that can wipe out his entire villagers, Jack slays them all. The game’s theme therefore features various illustrations of the fairytale and most symbols used are inspired by the story. The theme features two purple headed giants, Jack and the beanstalk which are three main elements of both the game and story. It also has a water bucket, a tree-cutting axe and a treasure chest.

Lines and symbols of animals and poker cards (Ace, King, Pail, Queen, 10…) are also used to enhance the theme and make it livelier. The theme comes in the symbol of a plant root which depicts the beanstalk that grew into the giant world.

How to play?

Playing jack and the beanstalk slot in Net Entertainment’s platform is quite easy and interesting. It can be easily achieved online and you do not need a very powerful computer to do this as the interface is designed for simplicity. Net presents the game in 5 spinning including vivid reels and up to 20 lines where online gamers can place their stakes as desired. All you need to do is place a bet at the bottom of preferred reels.

In order to make a bet, go through all the options presented and specify the ones which interest you. There are 20 different lines which can be activated at any time and activation is matched by a specific value of coin. When you activate a specific line, you also specify the coin value placed on each. Coin values vary and players can determine which value they want for each line. Different lines can contain different values which range from 0.01 to 0.20.

How much can be worn?

Throughout your playing, the treasure-collection mini-game appears. You should aim at finding as much Jack symbols as possible if you want to maximize your victories. You can spin 3 scatters for up to 10 more complimentary spins and spinning more than three times when the free-spin trigger is own gives you five more.

You can also spin the secret treasure symbols on the 5th reel. Jack and the beanstalk slot offer players a chance to win up to 600,000 coins in total. Net Entertainment also offers regular bonuses for playing as well as free coupons used in making bets.

Additional features

Jack and the beanstalk slot begin with 5 reels for spinning and 20 lines where betting coins can be placed. It also has various additional features including some that were only recently included.

One of the newest features in the game is Walking Wild which appears on the game when spinning for both bet and free spins. It progresses to the left after a re-spin without extra costs and disappears at the left-most reel.

The Walking Wild feature imposes treble calculation of won spins in which they appeared which means you will earn three times the amount. When playing the slot, you can climb up and collect treasures which unlock different Wilds. Finding the key to the treasure automatically unlocks it and you can win more keys as well as spins.


Jack and the beanstalk present an entertaining video game slot with various opportunities for winning. It is very easy to play and winning does not require a lot of effort. Once you bet on your lines and spin, more opportunities for free spins, Wilds and bonuses open up. The interface also provides an excellent playing experience which is swift and ergonomic.


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