Where to Play Keno Online

Among the popular casino games today is Keno and it has been viral ever since it has been introduced. People often ask where they could play keno online. But what is Keno? Keno is basically a fast paced lottery-style game, which was brought about by the development of video keno machine. It didn’t even take too much time before it has been introduced in online casinos. Keno is similar to the land-based keno and the game is about choosing numbers. If the numbers come up during the course of the game, the winning is based on the payoffs set by that particular casino you signed up with.

Kino is the ancient Chinese equivalent of the game Keno. In fact, it is its origin that was famous for centuries among people of different walks of life. Historically speaking, the game was believed to have been developed and created during the Han dynasty. If you look at it more closely, the game existed since the 3rd century BC and this was the time when it was used as a means to raise money in order to build the Great Wall of China. It is pretty amazing if you look at it in this perspective.

In addition, it reached the shores of the United States during the 19th century following the peak of immigration where Chinese immigrants introduced it in the country. They worked on the trans-continental railroad where this game started in the US. It then spread among the people and became increasingly popular as time goes by.

Today, we will still find it in land-based casinos that have been included in special lounge areas for players to gather around. There are other countries that adapted the game by setting up their own national lottery system for them to enjoy. In the same manner that video poker machines have been developed, you will also find video keno machines which have a faster pace than the regular Keno.

Alternatively, you could also play keno games online through online casinos. Some of them offer live games with real dealer that you can view through the use of webcam. However, the most popular versions you can find in essence are those that are video keno based. In this mode, players can enjoy turbo mode and marvel at the excellent graphics.

The video keno game online is a lot like the slot machine or the online video poker. You can activate the game through simple clicks of buttons thereby allowing you to have full access on its features. In some casinos, you can select a many as 20 numbers and you pick these numbers that you want to bet upon. There are those that have the auto-pick – which may be random – option. In the latter game, the software will pick the numbers automatically for you if you click the button.

Once you have selected the numbers you want to bet upon, you can then select how many rounds you can play in a row. Some casinos may allow you 10 rounds while others may allow more than 10. It only takes a few seconds to finish one round especially when you are on a turbo mode. Online casinos with turbo mode allow players to play more rounds in a row because you will finish one round in a crisp 3 seconds.

How much the casino pays your winnings depend on how many numbers you have picked up, how many of them came up in each round and how many coins you have bet upon. Essentially, these are just the number of things you need to know about Keno. You could easily find more information across the web if you wish to.