Avalon 2

The Avalon 2 slot is a great slot that can be fun for all to check out. This slot features a good theme and plenty of ways for you to win. It can especially be found in an extended variety of online casinos right now. You can especially find all sorts of fine bonuses to choose from on this game with many of them coming about as you move from one special game to the next as you are playing.

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Theme Of the Game

The theme of the Avalon 2 slot is one that is based off of a medieval theme. The game is set around an atmosphere that features a mountain and a big castle right on top of it all. The game has a number of symbols that feature a series of famous characters from the medieval days including King Arthur and the Black Knight.


How To Play

The game is a five-reel slot that does not have any traditional pay-lines. It does offer the player 243 different ways to win. This makes it to where there will be more ways for people to win while playing this great game.

Players can match three to five of the same symbol on the screen at any given time. There are also many other symbols that are worth exploring in this game.

For instance, a player can get the Holy Grail scatter symbol. Two symbols will create a payout while three or more will trigger a bonus game.

The Avalon 2 symbol will be a wild symbol. This can be used as a substitute for any other symbol in the game.

The Lady of the Lake will be an expanding wild that will go over an entire reel. This is designed to provide people with more money on a single spin.

The Merlin symbol is another random symbol. This will cause a random multiplier or prize that may be used in the game.


How Much Can Be Won?

The potential for people to win can be dramatic. People can get up to 120,000 coins on a single spin. Players can also get hundreds of thousands of coins on other individual combinations that entail several of the same symbol on a single play. The totals to win will prove to be rather attractive for all players to check out.


Additional Features

The biggest feature of the game to see if the Grail Bonus Quest. This will come about after getting three or more Holy Grail symbols.

Players can go into many different bonus options depending on where one wants to go. The bonus rounds will move through many individual games. A player can start at the Lake of Legend to restore the Excalibur sword. Prizes are given for each fragment one finds in a series of spins. A bonus will also be offered if the entire sword is assembled.

After this, the Misty Vale will entail fifteen free spins plus the option to get a 2x multiplier wild symbol. The Whispering Woods will entail the choice of a shield and then a bonus that comes with it.

The Forest Falls bonus features twenty free spins with expanded wild symbols. The Dusky Moors game then moves on with a multiplier coming when two similar items are matched. The Morgan’s Keep bonus then gives out twenty free spins plus reels that can offer multipliers for consecutive wins.

The Hall of Shadows will allow a player to compete with the Black Knight in a virtual duel. Prizes come with each strike on the knight.

Finally, the Isle of Avalon will give the player a series of wheels to spin. These will reveal some rather big wins.



The Avalon 2 slot is one of the most attractive slots for all players to try out. This is a slot that features plenty of great ways for people to win and can be fun for all to try. It’s great to see how this game offers many bonuses and all sorts of ways to win. The extensive variety of bonus games on this slot will especially make for a game that can be a challenge for all to play with but still a fun one for all to get into. This is a game that will be a thrill to anyone who wants to have more fun with playing an interesting online casino game.

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