Playtech Launched The Flintstones Pokie Machine

The Flintstones slot logoThroughout the 20th century there has been several TV shows that have changed the industry, for good. One of this game-changers animated TV shows is definitely The Flintstones. With more than 30 years in the showbiz there is nothing this family hasn’t tried out, their fame is so great that they’re the definition of success.

They have made comics, TV shows, Live-action movies, cartoon movies, video games, theme parks and even pokie machines in Las Vegas.

Perhaps their latest movie wasn’t the best but despite the bad critics it was a box-office success, The latter argument adds strength to the simplest fact: It is very difficult to make a Flintstones product without earning huge profit and fame.

Maybe there was one thing missing in their empire; an online pokie machine game. There was a market opportunity and the company that got the best out of it is Playtech. Only a well balanced and acclaimed company can get behind a project of this dimension.

A spot-on match between this two giants. Playtech is making an all-out approach in this 2016 with lots of new titles and one of the most important ones is The Flintstones.

The Estonian group did well in choosing this title. The sky’s the limit. We all love this family. The predictable yet adorable Fred and her Wife Wilma, their loyal neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble and the most captivating baby couple in the history of TV, Bamm Bamm and Pebbles. With a lot of stories to be told and features to exploit we’re eager to find out if they live up to the expectations.

What We Love

This game is co-produced by the folks at Hanna-Barbera, being this their most important title so far they will guarantee that the personality this family have printed throughout the years will remain the same. And this is a huge win.

The Flintstones’ fan base wants to have a good product with the traits that they have grow to love it since they’re little kids. And the age groups are so widely spread that you could see a 25 year old with the same excitement as a 65 year old. Amazing.

This is hardly their first tease towards the gambling world, they have an incredible pokie in Las Vegas with amazing features that they can retake to make this title even better.
The Flintstones slot screen big

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They have, for example, a Bamm Bamm Feature and a Yabba Dabba Doo Feature with the intention of earning free spins and multipliers, the basic core of a pokie and is very difficult that they will left out this kind of things for this title.

Their best feature in the physical and existent pokie in las Vegas is The Bedrock Alley Feature. The game is played in two screens, you have one with the reels and another to the interactive feature. If you manage to get to this feature you’ll need to select a bowler.

The choices are Fred (in several costumes) and Barney, depending on your choice you’ll get a strike or a miss. The strike will guarantee you a lot of money with an incredible jackpot. This is a feature that I’m truly in love with.

What We Don’t Love

The marketing strategy of Playtech, we all know this game is going to happen due to their youtube channel. There hasn’t been any real approaches from them to the media to let us know more about this game. With the burst of social media I think the could have used that to gain more momentum. But that’s just me.

Worth Playing?

Even though we haven’t heard anything about how this game is going to be played, the sole fact that is The Flintstones and Playtech is more than enough to get us excited. This family has still a lot to deliver in this world and I think Playtech will do a fantastic, innovative and interactive title out of it. Yabba Dabba Doo!

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