RTG Launched The Big Bopper Pokie Machine

the big booper slot logoPrepare to hop on a trip back to the 1950’s and bask in the glory of The Big Bopper, one of the most underappreciated performers of the Rock ‘n Roll era, at least by today’s current popular culture. Jilles Perry Richardson Jr. took the stage name The Big Bopper as he started his musical career, which ended tragically and prematurely in a plane crash on Feb 3rd, 1959.

This plane crash also took the lives of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, who are now more famous than the Bopper. The date of this tragedy came to be known “The Day that the Music Died”, named so in Don McLean’s 1971 song, American Pie.

This new, upcoming pokie machine by RTG is all about the Big Bopper himself. The entire design is a retro homage to the 1950’s, and obviously the music and footage of performances by The Big Bopper are a prominent feature of the game’s aesthetics.

RealTime Gaming normally stays away from branded games, for reasons they must know, but now they have hopped on the metaphorical bandwagon with this pokie machine.

RTG is a company that started out in Atlanta back in 1998, but they took a very interesting turn in 2007, when they were bought by a Curacao based firm named Hastings International, and they moved their development operations to a relatively obscure city in the Central American country of Costa Rica.

They are now a relatively secretive company (try to find any useful info on their website besides licensing documentation), but luckily that does not get in the way of them making great games.

What We Love

There’s little not to love here. First and foremost, the game’s theme is simply lovely. The Big Bopper is a relatively unknown star, I confess to not having heard of him until very recently, so not only is this a well-designed game, it also features a very original theme. The world already has too many pokie machines based on animals, food, or leprechauns, and The Big Bopper thankfully does not add itself to that aggravating list.

The game has some nice features to keep you rockin’ till the big win, so it’s not just a pretty face. The Big Bopper Instant Win grants you multipliers of as much as 250x your total bet.

the big bopper slot screenshot big

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This feature is triggered by landing three Big Bopper scatter symbols. You’ll be treated to vintage footage of the Big Bopper performing on stage while the feature plays out.

The game has two Free Games modes, named after two of the Big Bopper’s greatest hits: Chantilly Lace and White Lightning. Both game modes function in a very similar manner, relying on the continuing performance of the Big Bopper singing those tunes to grant players extra free spins and multipliers. During each mode, the Big Bopper will sing the song that names the game mode.

What We do Not like

We think this game to be pretty good, in general, thus, there is little to dislike. However, we do find it troublesome that a number of key pieces of information have not yet been released, such as maximum payouts, or specific details on the Free Games modes and their features.

This isn’t an uncommon practice in the video pokie industry, but given RTG’s secrecy, we believe we have reasons to feel less than comfortable about that.

Worth Playing?

This game is certainly worth the trouble. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat to almost anyone, especially for those fans of retro-chic. The Big Bopper certainly deserves more recognition than being “that guy who died with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens”, so go pick this up as soon as it is released.

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