Microgaming Launched Serentiy Pokie Machine

Find Inner Peace With the Serentiy Pokie

serenity-slot-logoThe Serenity pokie is a game that is heavily inspired by Asian culture like many other games. The game was introduced by Microgaming as a new poker machine that has a few good special features that add to the total chances that players have to win big and offers a fun look that all are bound to love while looking to win something huge.

This is a game that showcases some appealing Asian-themed symbols like lanterns and pagodas. The lantern bonuses are particularly important as players can get thousands of coins off of them if they are lucky enough. The game has a good organization that offers big payouts but only if the players are lucky and can get into the proper bonus game that will offer the best potential totals around.

About the Game

Designed with fifteen lines, this five-reel pokie will pay out up to 240,000 coins on a single spin. Naturally, players need to get to a bonus round to get to this feature. Fortunately, the Lantern Bonus symbols around the screen will give the player easy access to this part of the game.

The game itself does have some wild symbols as well. Those don’t go towards any of the bonus symbols like with any other typical poker machine though.

The game uses the fifteen reels all around the place and offers many betting options. People can bet as little as one penny on each line or up to two dollars on each one. The player must play with all fifteen reels.

Serenity slot screenshot

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Bonus Features

The game does give out free spins and has some random multipliers where players can get two or three times one’s total on the game or even more depending on how well one’s spins go on the game. The Lantern Bonus is still the most important feature to watch for as a player can possibly get thousands of coins off of this one particular feature.

The bonus game works by giving players a series of multi-colored lanterns to pick from. The player needs to get the right choices made in order to win something big. The Serenity pokie will offer thousands of coins on select lanterns although those are always scattered around randomly.

How it Compares

It’s clear that there are more than enough Asian-themed poker machines out there. The Serenity pokie at least makes itself unique by offering a better bonus game that offers a more random experience while still offering some good payouts to those who are more successful when playing with it.

Where to Play

Try the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos when looking for a place to play with the Serenity pokie at. These are two sites with plenty of different poker machines including some mobile and live dealer games. The two casinos also offer special deals with a $200 welcome bonus on a first deposit and up to ten free spins to use on various pokies all around the entire site. This all adds up to a great experience that players are bound to enjoy looking out for.

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