Genesis Launched Clash of Queens Pokie Machine

clash-of-queens-slot-logoClash of Queens is a 5 reel and 25 pay line online pokie machine inspired in a story wrote by one of the most famous and prestigious writers around the world, Lewis Carroll. In this opportunity, the fairy tale “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice found there” leads us to a magical experience while we enjoy of playing with the classic symbols alternated with the main characters of the story (the Red Queen and the White Queen) and with some others characters like the potato head and the twins.

You would probably remember Alice in Wonderland, and you’ll probably remind this game not only for their beautiful and well-done design but also for the original inspiration of the main screen and basic layout.

Developed by one of the best companies in the industry, Clash of Queens proves the excellence of design and software that they’re recognized for. Genesis Gaming Inc. incorporates this new and magical online pokie machine title to their other 150 pokie games.

What We Love

The symbols design, the animations and the conscious choice of a magical story with a big fan base are probably the best features that, right from the start, have made us love this new Genesis Gaming Inc’s pokie machine. The selection of this kind of story makes the game not only more attractive but also really interesting, different and definitely more challenging.

Genesis Gaming Inc. tried to surprise their followers (me included) and the game community with this bold choice. And they have accomplished it with astounding grades. This is an admirable game from almost every point of view: design, theme and ways of winning.
The battle between the Queens is really cool. You have to pick at the beginning one of the two queens and she’ll be your partner and warrior during the whole game. The prize will depend of the Queen that you have chosen. For example, if you chose the Red Queen and she wins, you can get a bonus for 9 free spins. Is not just amazing?

clash of queens pokie screen

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What We Do Not Like

Maybe the way of playing and the reels-cards design are too classical. We love that they use the main characters of the story and the forest at the background, but Genesis Gaming Inc. could innovate in more aspects, probably alternating the classical J, Q, K, A 9 and 10 with other characters of the story or maybe using icons related to the storyline. Genesis Gaming Inc. improve a lot with this game, but unfortunately it isn’t the most original or groundbreaking game in their record.

Worth Playing?

Nice theme choice, pretty cool features, well-done animations and symbols are probably the things that I loved the most of this game. Even if it is not my favorite or maybe the best game developed by Genesis Gaming Inc., there are certain aspects that we can rescue and praise. The selection of the theme is really original and I must confess that I am truly fascinated by this kind of stories, but this isn’t enough for making a game perfect or indispensable.

Even though, playing Clash of Queens will be a really good experience, because you’ll have a blast in the battle between two Queens and get the chance to play for some extra bonus to increase your chances of winning. Remember that you can try it online for free and this is a good advantage of this game. Try Clash of Queens, even of my few disagreements, I think that it is a game well-done and can provide you a satisfying experience.

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